Name :   Ruby                                                                                                   Ruby 3
Sex :   Female
Approximate Age :   6-7 yrs
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :   Red
Coat Type :   Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :   $250
Foster Location :  Jenson Beach FL
Approximate Size/Weight :   65lbs
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :     TBD
Small Child Friendly :    TBD
Energy Level :    Very shy, relaxed

Ruby is UTD on shots and spayed but is on medical hold awaiting assessment of her eyes for possible entropion surgery.

About this Pei :

Miss Ruby was taken from a breeder where she and 5 other Shar-Pei were being housed for breeding purposes only. They received very little to no human interaction and were bred as much as possible.  She was obviously confined and received little to no exercise during her estimated 6-7 years of life.  Ruby is a hefty 65 lbs. and is completely unfamiliar with having a collar on and being walked on a leash.  At this time, she is free to wander around her foster mom’s house and yard but prefers to be inside.  For the first 6-8 weeks in foster care, Ruby completely kept to herself, scampering away when anyone approached her. Her foster family soon discovered she was sight impaired and could only see shapes and movement.  She could not distinguish who was approaching. As her foster parents, we talk to her regularly so she knows who is approaching. Ruby receives eye medicine daily to help with tear production, which offers some relief from dry eyes.

Ruby is a sweet girl and we’re starting to see more of her personality. She is showing a lot of improvement as far as getting around the house and yard and choosing to stay closer to her foster parents instead of going elsewhere to be alone. Unfortunately, she steers clear of any new house guests and retreats to her hiding spot.
Ruby is fine with having another foster dog in the house, however, she’s not that interested in playing.

Ruby 1