Name :  Wen
FSPR Arrival Date :  1/25/18                            Screenshot_2018-02-09-21-16-32-1                Sex :  Female
Approximate Age :  1 year
Purebred or Mix :  Mix
Color :  Black
Coat Type :  Horse
Adoption Donation Requested :  TBD
Foster Location :  Central Fl
Approximate Size/Weight :  51 lbs.
Dog Friendly :    yes
Cat Friendly :    TBD
Small Child Friendly :    TBD
Energy Level :    Puppy energy
Wen is HW negative.  She will be on medical hold due to treatment for skin infection followed by need for updated vaccinations, spay, and eye treatment with possible need for entropion surgery.
About this Pei :
Wen was found on the streets of Miami and was rescued by a concerned citizen who contacted FSPR through a volunteer familiar with FSPR.  This volunteer picked Wen up and took her to the vet for an initial exam.  Wen was found to have a skin infection with significant hair loss, almost bald over majority of her body.  Skin scrape was done to determine cause of hair loss and results were negative for mange so antibiotics were prescribed and Wen was then taken to her foster home.
Upon arrival to her foster home, Wen was very frightened and would  cower when approached by her foster mom.  Over the past couple of weeks, Wen’s personality has blossomed.  She now plays with her Shar-Pei foster brother.  She is young and full of puppy energy, still needing to learn some manners as she does like to jump up on her foster mom to greet her and she is learning to not jump on the furniture.
Wen is awaiting consultation with an opthamologist for possible entropion in both of her eyes and she is in need of spay as these procedures had to be put on hold until her skin infection treatment was completed.  Updates will be provided as these pending medical appointments are done.
If you are interested in a new best friend, Wen just might be the girl for you.  Applications are being accepted now for Wen’s move to her new forever home as soon as she is medically cleared.
Screenshot_2018-02-09-21-15-14-1 Screenshot_2018-02-09-21-15-43-1 Screenshot_2018-02-09-21-14-50-1