Success Stories and Hap-pei Endings

Thanks to their New Loving Owners they Will Live Happily Ever After...

Following, is a listing of dogs that have recently been rehomed by Florida SharPei Rescue. We are honored to have been a part of finding these wonderful dogs their new, loving, forever families.

Congratulations to you all!


Ping has moved to South Carolina! He found his forever family and home and is loved dearly. Congrats and best wishes for a very long and happy life!


Pollux has found his forever home and so did his brother. We are so happy the boys get to stay together. Congrats to both boys and their new forever family!


Ruger has found his happily ever after and we are all so excited for him and his new forever family. He adores his human kids and they love him just as much! Congrats sweet boy.


Our very shy Rue has found a mommy who named her Roxy!!! She is loving her new home and her new mommy! I am so happy for her!

Special Project — Trixie

Trixie found the perfect home! Yeah for Trixie, you deserve the best!


Zorro (now Bentley) is living the high life on a farm with horses and 4 other Shar Pei! Way to go!


Charmin’s foster dad has totally fallen in love so Charmin will be staying right where she is! Congrats Charmin. Hope you now live the good life you have always deserved.


We are all so very happy for Fiona and her new family. Congrats, Fiona, you deserve the life you now are able to live!


Honey has found her forever home in NE Florida! Her new mom and dad adore her and plan to take her on trips with them in their motorhome. She finally has the great life and forever family she has been looking for. Thanks to Honey’s foster dads for helping her get healthy and ready for her forever family.


Rocky has moved on to his forever home. His new dad is giving him all the loving care he deserves and we are all so happy for this perfect match. Congrats, Rocky!


Remington has FINALLY found his forever home! Guess it proves the saying, “3rd time’s a charm”. Congrats, Remi and new mom, Jade.

Sunshine (aka “Sunni”)

Woo Hoo!!! Sunshine has finally found her forever home and immediately bonded with her new Dad. What a lucky girl! Go live the good life Sunshine. Enjoy your new home and family. You deserve the obvious happiness you have found. XOXOX


Niko is now a Georgia resident! He has moved right into his new forever home and into the hearts of his new mom and dad. He, also, has a pei sister who is a FSPR alumni.


Yeah for Yuma, (Now Mazzy!) She has her forever family with a mom, dad, brother and brother pei! Way to go Mazzy!


Henry has found his forever home and we are all so happy for him. Congrats, Henry, you deserve the best life has to offer!


Gaston has found his forever home in Grand Island, FL.  His new mom and dad fell in love instantly with him and couldn’t wait to take him home.  You are one lucky dog, Gaston! Congrats to you and your new family.  


Frankie has found his forever home! Congrats Frankie and good luck with your new life. You are a lucky boy!


Cooper is now a central Florida resident. This gorgeous boy has found his forever home!


Milo has found his forever home in south Florida with a pei sister, FSPR alumni, and a doggie brother. Congrats, Milo!


Stella is one lucky dog! She has found her forever home and we are all so very excited for her. Good luck with your new life Stella. You deserve only the best!


Lulu stole the hearts of her foster parents and has moved right in to her forever home. Congrats, Lulu, on your new home and family!


Sweet Hank has found his forever home with another FSPR alum brother in Orlando. His new mom had this to say: “We wanted to thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt Hank. He is fitting in very well with our other pei that we also adopted through FSPR. And our family loves … Continue reading Hank


  Gordy has found his forever home!  He is living the good life with his new pei brother, Smokey.  His new mom and dad just adore him.  The little human girl at his new home thinks he’s pretty sweet, too.  Congrats, Gordy!


Aiko’s new home is in St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL area. This sweet, little girl gets to go to work with her new mommy and is treated just like a princess by all who meet her. She is a very lucky little girl. Congrats Miss Aiko!


Mojo found his forever home very quickly in Jacksonville, FL. It was love at first site for his new mommy. His pei sister took a little longer, but he has won her over, now, too. Best wishes little man!


Sweet Hector has found his forever home in Georgia with 2 pei siblings and a loving new Mom and Dad. Yay, Hector! You deserve the best of everything, buddy. Good luck in your new life.


Leland has found his forever home!  His new mom and dad adore him. We are so happy for you, Leland!                  You deserve the best life has to offer.                               


Our Velvet girl has found her forever home in Gainesville, FL and she has made herself right at home with her new family. Best wishes to this sweet girl!   


  Sasha has finally found her forever home! She is living happily with her new mom in Georgia.  You are such a lucky girl, Sasha! Congrats on your new life.


Yay, Finn! You found your forever home. We are so excited for you and your new family, boy! This is the life you deserve. Live it up!


Our sweet Prada has found her forever home in Summerfield, FL.  She is a farm girl now, as she has made friends with the miniature horse at her new home and she is learning how to help herd the cows.  She has 2 pei brothers that she has bonded well with and she has, happily, … Continue reading Prada


Best wishes in new forever home, Bao!      


You did it, Chance!! We are all so happy for you and your new mom. Chance has found his forever home in Cape Coral. Congrats, Chance!

Phideaux (M)

Lucky Phideaux! You have the best Mom ever!
We wish you a great life!

Thor (M)

Thor’s foster mom has decided her home is Thor’s perfect forever home. Congrats, Thor!

Rufus (M)

Congratulations, Rufus, on finding your forever home!

Shadow (M) (aka Slim Shady)

Shadow is living the good life at his new forever home in warm south Florida.  Best wishes, Shadow, to you and your new family!


Pepper has found her forever home with a pei sister in Louisiana.

Riley (M)

Riley, you are a lucky boy to have found your forever home.  Congrats!


Shiloh has found his forever home! What a lucky boy.


Enjoy your new life and forever home, Herschel!  You deserve it.


Chloe has found her hap-pei ending in Kentucky with her new Mom and Dad and pei brother.  She is dressed for the cold weather and enjoying a day out on the town with Mom. Congrats Miss Chloe!  


Sweet Chloe has found her forever home with a loving mom, dad, and shar-pei brother, who is teaching her all kinds of activities.  Her new mom and dad adore her.  This is one lucky girl!  Congrats, Chloe!


    Daizy decided she liked it so much at her foster home, she moved right in and is staying.  Her foster family fell in love with her, too, so it is a very happy ending for all.  Congrats, Daizy!  

Duke (M)

Duke is a hap-pei boy with his new family. Davenport, FL is where he calls home, now. What a lucky boy, you are, Duke!

Keyla (F)

We are so happy that Keyla has found her furever home!

Midori (F)

Midori has found herforever home in Deland. She is happy with her new Dad. Congratulations sweetie. We wish you well.

Reed (M)

Sweet Reed has finally found his forever home!  Congratulations, Reed!

Sienna (F)

After a long journey all the way from Louisiana and a long time with her foster parents, Sienna has finally found her forever home in Gainesville, FL with her fur brother and new dad. Congrats, Sienna! You deserve the best life has to offer.


Truman has made himself at home with his 2 new pei sisters in Cape Coral, FL and all is well. Our Missouri boy is now a transplanted Floridian and seems to be enjoying the Sunshine!          

Yumi (You-Me)

Yumi has found her forever home with her foster family! Yay for Yumi, Jimi, and Linda! This flowered pei stole her foster dad’s heart on day one and has made herself right at home to stay! Congrats to this sweet girl and her new family.                     … Continue reading Yumi (You-Me)

Blizzy (M)

Blizzy has gone to his forever home in Fort Myers. He is well loved and spoiled rotten. Blizzy you so deserve your new life. Way to go.

Charlie (M)

Charlie has found his furever home!!! They came all the way from Illinois to pick up this cutie pei! We wish you all many years of happiness! Way to go Charlie!!!

Elsa (F)

Elsa now Gracie, has found her forever home in the Villages. She lives with her new mom and 4 other Shar Pei brothers and sisters. Her mom reports she has moved right in. Loves to play in the dirt. Congratulations sweet girl.

Gypsy (F)

Gypsy has found her forever home. She is happily residing in New Port Richey, with her new mom and dad. She is being treated like a little princess, and definitely deserves it.
Way to go sweet baby girl.

Jack (M)

Jack found his new home in Sarasota, FL and is being spoiled rotten by his new mom! Way to go Jack!!!


Katie is living the good life in her forever home! Best wishes to Katie and her new family.


Lucy is happily enjoying her forever home in Ocala. Congratulations on your new home sweet girl.

Ming Chow (M)

Congratulations Ming Chow on finding your furever home! 4 paws up for you!!!

Milo (M)

Milo is sooo happy! He’s learning “Shake ” and “sit ” with my daughter eating lots of treats and already loves the boys and adjusted to the Chihuahuas. He’s learning to ” take it nice” with food”. He’s walking outside good with the Chihuahuas. He slept in my daughters bed I think he’s adopted her lol! Cuddling up on the couch! We love him!!

Missy (F)

FSPR is so happy for Missy! She went to her furever family today! Her mommy fell instantly in love. But, who wouldn’t fall in love with this beauty! Missy will be driving back with her new family to South Carolina! Best wishes Missy!!!! Enjoy your new life!!!! xoxo

Shaiming (Shy-Ming)

Shaiming has made herself at home with her new mom and dad, and her pei sister, in Mt. Dora, FL. She is a traveling girl now and loves to take trips in her family’s RV. Congrats to this sweet girl!   Name: Shaiming (Shy-Ming) Sex: Female Approximate Age: 2 years old Color: Red Fawn Coat … Continue reading Shaiming (Shy-Ming)


Bella has found her forever home in Ocoee, FL with her 4-legged sister and brother. She also has three 2-legged grand-brothers that she visits with frequently. Congrats to Miss Bella and her new family!

Lucky (M)

Lucky has found his furever home! Yeah for Lucky Lucky!

Mooshie (F)

Mooshie has found her fur-ever home in Windermere, FL. Best of luck in your new life, sweet Moosh!

Rosie (F)

Rosie has found her forever home in North Florida. She has a new mom & dad, who are happily spoiling her rotten. Congratulations Rosie and family

Raven (F)

Raven is happily spoiled with her new family in Sarasota. Congratulations sweet little girl.

Mauggie (F)

Mauggie has fund her fur-ever home in Georgia. She is enjoying life with her SharPei brother and new mom. Way to go little girl. We’re proud of you!

Ryder (M)

Ryder has found his forever home in Canada. He loves the snow and his great new family. Way to go Ryder.


Lexy has found her forever home in Tampa, FL. Congratulations Lexy. She has 2 Shar Pei brothers, Albert and Tatto, plus a mom and dad. We wish you a long happy life sweet girl. Lexy also sends Pei Kisses to her Guardian Angels!

Archie (M)

Archie found his forever home in Jacksonville, FL. Way to go Archie and congratulations to his new family.


Good Girl Harley, you have found your fur-ever home. Harley is safe and happy now!

Rocky (aka Harry)

Harry is doing very well and has become a great companion for their Maggie. They are also madly in love with him. She said he doesn’t make a mad dash for his food and has adapted quite well.

China (F)

China has found her forever home in the Miami area. Her new mom reports that she is settling in nicely. Way to go China.

Isabelle (F)

ISABELLE (a.k.a. IZZY) (F) IZZY has found her forever home in St.Petersburg, FL. She has a new mom and dad, plus a shar pei sister. Congratulations Kai Izzy.


Yeah for Domino! She found her forever home. Her new mommy and daddy love her! Way to go-Domino!

Bella Mae

Bella Mae has found her forever home and is living the good life. Congrats, Bella Mae!

Fats Domino (M)

Fats Domino went home with his forever daddy and 7 yr old human brother. Fats sat on command for Steve’s son and gave kisses and was basically adorable. I have no doubts he and Archie will get along great and play like crazy! Hooray Fats!

Beau (M)

Beau has moved to his forever home. He has a new mom and dad . He travels all over Tampa with his new dad, and loves every minute of it. Congratulations Beau.


Fushi has found the perfect family! Mom and Dad drove all the way from IL just to pick him up! Fushi is very happy with his 2 pei siblings and mom and dad! Way to go!

Cooper Tootsie Phoenix Myla Ebbon Wrinkles
Barney Tilly Kashmere Midnight Stanley Bridgett
Morgan Raisin Bumbles Elle Chance Blossom
Dexter Winston Taylor