Owner Testimonials

Rocky (aka Harry)

Harry is doing very well and has become a great companion for their Maggie. They are also madly in love with him. She said he doesn’t make a mad dash for his food and has adapted quite well.



Dear FSPR, Our family has been so taken by these two little Pei’s. It was the best decision ever to adopt them together. They have brought so much unconditional love into our home and we just can’t get enough of their kisses! They have taken over our couch, beds and our hearts… Thank you! Emily in Panama City, FL




GRAYSON (a.k.a. Bentley)

Grayson update – Here are pictures of Grayson now known as “Bentley.”

He doing so wonderful and we love him so much. He a very good dog. Love the Rhoads.


Pepper (NKA Jenny)

Sweet Pepper has gotten a new name with her new family and home… She is now Jenny and this is what her new mom says about her…

Jenny is doing well, we have begun not crating her at night, she cuddles up with Abbie at the end of the bed:).  She is still very fun, loving and high energy, though she has calmed down a little and will even cuddle on the couch while not sleeping for about 10-15 minutes and then she is back, playing or running around.  She really loves to be outside, we sit out on the porch together and she watches the world go by and I read.


Rufus’ new mom had this to say about him…

Rufus is like an old shoe….he fits right in…has gone to work with me every day and the folks absolutely love him…so he has captured all our hearts…he has made himself right at home…so far all three dogs are good together…the westie still bosses everyone, but yesterday Rufus got in a funny mood and he played tag with her all over the house…was like kids …made me feel better that he is not pining away over his old home…hopefully it will just become a memory…can’t thank you enough for all you did to find this creature for me…been a long time since I have had one so loving…


We took these at the beach with my grandkids. They had the best time with him…

These photos are :
Tybee after the day at the beach.
Tim and Kirby bonded especially well…
Relaxing on the floor – Tim really loved the kids.




I am attaching a few pictures of our Shadow. He has come a long way. Once a week I take him to a place called Happy Dog Inn. (a doggie day care and kennel) so he can play with other dogs and not be afraid of kennels. I have been doing this for about a year now and he loves this place. The people there have been wonderful working with him too. Now I can Leave him there when we go out of town and not worry about him and he is not scared to be there. The picture I love the most is the one I have attached with him at the pool at day care. Again thank you for all you guys do for the Pei Babies. Regards, Linda Mays & Shadow



Just wanted to say Thank You for all the Florida Sharpei Rescue does we are so very thankful for Duke as we Celebrate our 2nd Christmas with him- from Sarah St Pierre



Mimi wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!! Hard to get her sit still for a second. LOL! She had an eye lift and is doing great!!! We love her so much! Lauren and Phil, Kennesaw, GA