Guidelines for Fosters

Florida Shar-Pei Rescue – Guidelines for Fosters

1. When you accept a dog as a foster parent you will be given specific instructions on any issues that may need attention including medical needs, medication, etc. While one of our dogs is in your care, if you feel they need medical attention please consult with the FSPR team prior to taking them to a vet. We have years of experience, and in some cases medical training, and can usually offer help or suggestions for most Shar-Pei related issues. Do not take your foster Pei to a vet unless you receive prior approval from Barb, Leigh or Sue. The only exception would be in the event of an emergency which occurs at a time when none of them can be reached.

2. Please try to keep the dog on the same diet regimen. Most of the foster homes are feeding WELLNESS, INNOVA, CANIDAE, or TASTE OF THE WILD. These are high end foods and the dogs must be on a good healthy diet to help them gain weight and maintain a beautiful coat.

3. Your foster dog will be posted on the website when he or she is ready to be adopted. You may also see your dog on medical hold if he/she is going through medical treatment and will be adoptable soon.

4. If you have any inquiries from potential adopters about your foster dog, please instruct them to fill out the Adoption Application on our website for consideration.

5. When we receive an application on your foster dog. It they are in your area, you may be asked to do a home visit and interview. If they are out of your area, you may be asked to do a phone interview. It is imperative to try and match the dog with the family.

6. At the time of adoption, the dog must go with all his/her medical records. Copies of these records must be sent to our director along with original contract and the donation payment. Please do not hold up the donation. This must be sent to Barb Abel immediately. We have a new policy, that anyone returning a dog to us will receive their donation back minus $100.00. This is in the first 30 days after adoption. Any dog returned after that, will not receive a refund of the donation, unless approved by our director. When a dog is adopted their new owners should receive the following:

  • All medical papers
  • 2 to 3 days of food
  • Flyer for Free Cesar Milan DVD (FSPR Code Must Be Written In)
  • Personal belongings – Leash, Collar, Toys, etc.
  • Specific instructions related to their new dog including dates of last preventative given.
  • Copy of Adoption Contract
  • Adoption booklet (If available)
  • Adoption certificate
  • Florida Shar-Pei rescue tote bag
  • FSPR business card or contact information

7. Also make sure your dog has been bathed, ears cleaned and is free of parasites.

Our goal is to make adoption a smooth transition for the people and the dogs. Thank you!