In Loving Memory

Ming Ming

Sweet Ming Ming passed away.


After many diagnostic tests and procedures including four tumor biopsies, lymph node aspirations, ultrasound, and exhaustive lab work, Robi was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called canine cutaneous Langerhans cell histiocytosis. The diagnosis was made at the University of Florida school of veterinary medicine by the derm pathology department. She was given supportive care and love but continued to deteriorate and waste away. A difficult but humane decision was made to end her suffering and euthanize. Thanks to all the medical personnel for their care and to those who so kindly donated for her care. Our director and her husband stayed with her while she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and brought her cremains back to their home. She did not die alone. We hope to never see a case like this again.


Run free, Tigger! We will never know what happened to you before rescue but we know that everything is right for you at the Bridge.


Within a short time of coming to us, Onyx began demonstrating some health concerns and was found to be in late kidney failure, an unfortunate disease known to the Shar-Pei breed. With very heavy hearts, the decision was made to end his suffering and allow him to run free at the Rainbow Bridge with all those that have gone before him. He knew love in his final days and that is what matters most.


Marvin has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and suffers no more. Run free, sweet boy!


Lollie (fka Lola) made her way to the rainbow bridge yesterday.  This pup suffered much in her short life and letting her go was a very heartbreaking decision.  We are thankful to have known her and for having had the chance to show her love from humans for at least a little while.  Run free, Lollie, … Continue reading Lollie


We only knew you for a short time, sweet Coby, and wish we had more time with you.  We miss you dearly but are so glad you aren’t hurting anymore.  Run free Coby-man!  You will always be loved by all who knew you.  XOXOX


Velvet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is greatly missed by all who knew her.  She was dearly loved by her adoptive parents after coming from a very sad life as part of the South Carolina 66.  Thankfully, for the past year, she was able to experience what life should have always been for her. … Continue reading Velvet


Khalessi had a hard life and as much as her foster family wanted to turn that life around for her, the damage was too far gone. Khalessi is not hurting anymore. She is now running free over the Rainbow Bridge.


Samara had found her forever home and got a name change with her new home and new life that, unfortunately, was too short. Samara’s new name was Lima. We are so sad to report that Lima was found to have lymphoma and has crossed the rainbow bridge. Lima was loved very dearly in her final days.


Run free, Brock! No more poor health to hold you back.


Cody has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He became very ill and will be missed by all who knew him.  Run free, sweet Cody!

Miss Miley Cullison 6/2006 to 10/2015

Miley came into our lives in January 2010 as our first FSPR foster.  She quickly gained access to all of our hearts.  We were happy to say that we were “foster failures” when we officially adopted her. Miley was diagnosed in Sept 2012 with Histiocytosis. From that point on, she was on high dose steroids … Continue reading Miss Miley Cullison 6/2006 to 10/2015


Sebastian and I adopted a sweet baby girl in 2012 named Sharla. Today Godtook our daughter from us. Our beloved daughter brought more joy to us inthree years then anything I could have had for a lifetime.  I love you Sharla-Ray. 


Wrinkles has made his way across the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed by his foster family and foster pei brother, Rugby. Run free, sweet Wrinkles!

Vivi (Vivian)

My little girl Vivi (Vivian) who we adopted June 2011 crossed the rainbow bridge this evening. We only had her a year and a half but we loved each and every moment with her and she loved us. We gave her the best life we possibly could and we were blessed enough to be there … Continue reading Vivi (Vivian)


We had to say goodbye to Bennie tonight.  His curiosity got the best of him resulting in serious injury so he has crossed the rainbow bridge.  Now you are free to run and play to your heart’s content, Bennie.  You will be missed.


We are sad to report that Baby Dora has crossed the rainbow bridge joining her baby sister. She experienced heart failure and an enlarged liver. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her and those who donated toward her care.


SHOT O’ WHISKEYIn Memory of Shot O’ Whiskey who passed away 8/26/13 from MCT. Rescued from a local shelter at 6mos but taken way too soon at age 8 from the family who adored especially his autistic human brother. Members of the shar-pei community rallied around Whiskey because his death might have been prevent had he not been misdiagnosed. His life on earth may be over but under the care of Dr. Linda Tintle, he is contributing to genetic research in hopes one day to cure one of the leading causes of shar-pei death.


JasmineWe only had Jasmine with us for just over 7 years, not nearly long enough. She was a wonderful girl, who is missed every day. Cindy & John


You came to us with heart worms, terminal cancer, no front teeth, and the pain of years of torment and neglect. You had every right to be angry at the world, but you weren’t. You were so sweet to your foster family and wanted for nothing but love, comfort, and a warm place to sleep every night. We loved you unconditionally and did everything we could to ensure you were comfortable, happy, and most of all safe. When you crossed over the rainbow bridge and into heaven we hope that the first emotions you felt was happiness and no more pain. We miss you terribly, but please know that we love and miss you so much. You were only a part of our physical family for a month, but you will be in our hearts forever. Zach and Jenn


Sweet Grady left us today and crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was such a calm and wonderful boy. We will miss you Grady.
Grady will be missed by many of us. Dave & Sue Melton cared for him and loved him, Thank you Sue & Dave for giving him what he needed most-LOVE!


It is with great sadness that we let FSPR know that Stanley passed over the rainbow bridge. He had many loving and supportive friends with him. His short and difficult life was not easy for him.
Stanley was loved and cared for by his Royal Pets Family. Run Free Stanley….. Your unique and funny antics will stay with us always!