Miss Miley Cullison 6/2006 to 10/2015

Miley came into our lives in January 2010 as our first FSPR foster.  She quickly gained access to all of our hearts.  We were happy to say that we were “foster failures” when we officially adopted her.
Miley was diagnosed in Sept 2012 with Histiocytosis. From that point on, she was on high dose steroids and antibiotics to control this disease.  She lost her beautiful full pei face and wrinkles but didn’t lose her beautiful spirit.  We were blessed when she went into remission in the Spring of 2013 but still continued on low doses of steroids and antibiotics until she relapsed in June 2015.  She finally lost her hard fought battle on 10/9/15.  We miss her greatly.  She was a devoted and loving girl that we will never forget.  Rest in peace sweet baby, until we meet again….Love, Mom, Kristen, Maxie and WalleIMG_3986.1