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In loving memory of our special Peis, FSPR is offering this page where you can post a special tribute to your furry family member, companion and best friend that has crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge". Know that you are not alone in grieving for and missing that wrinkled friend that showered you with unconditional love.

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"ROXY" (2005 - 11/11/13)

RoxyYou came to us with heart worms, terminal cancer, no front teeth, and the pain of years of torment and neglect. You had every right to be angry at the world, but you weren't. You were so sweet to your foster family and wanted for nothing but love, comfort, and a warm place to sleep every night. We loved you unconditionally and did everything we could to ensure you were comfortable, happy, and most of all safe. When you crossed over the rainbow bridge and into heaven we hope that the first emotions you felt was happiness and no more pain. We miss you terribly, but please know that we love and miss you so much. You were only a part of our physical family for a month, but you will be in our hearts forever. Zach and Jenn



JasmineWe only had Jasmine with us for just over 7 years, not nearly long enough. She was a wonderful girl, who is missed every day. Cindy & John


"BABY DORA" (05/13 - 09/13)

BABY DORAWe are sad to report that Baby Dora has crossed the rainbow bridge joining her baby sister. She experienced heart failure and an enlarged liver. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her and those who donated toward her care.



SHOT O' WHISKEYIn Memory of Shot O' Whiskey who passed away 8/26/13 from MCT. Rescued from a local shelter at 6mos but taken way too soon at age 8 from the family who adored especially his autistic human brother. Members of the shar-pei community rallied around Whiskey because his death might have been prevent had he not been misdiagnosed. His life on earth may be over but under the care of Dr. Linda Tintle, he is contributing to genetic research in hopes one day to cure one of the leading causes of shar-pei death.



AngelThese dogs are so unique that becoming attached is not really an accurate description of the bond between Shar Pei’s and their owners. The only way you will ever know the strength of the ties between a Shar Pei and its family is to have owned one. My Angel was only with our family for 6 short years. She, like most Shar Pei’s was a handful. Love you like crazy, ignore you, defensive of her family and always had a great disposition. I could watch her play for hours as she pestered her four legged brothers and sisters. I will always remember the great times we had and will always remember the day she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She gave me some of the happiest days of my life and one of the saddest. She is missed by all who knew her. Brent



JoyWe lost Joy to Mast Cell cancer a few months ago. Broke my heart!!! We fought for a year and unfortunately lost. Cindy ended up with one of Joys puppies (Woody) which Cindy lost a few weeks ago to kidney failure. Joy was a good mother and when I picked her up from Cindy in 2008 she was outside playing with Woody. They were so cute together!!! Silly I know but I think Joy had to go so she would be there for Woody and I picture the two of them playing like the first day I saw them. Leslie



LaylaHi, I'm Layla. The first 5 years of my life I lived in cage in a puppy mill, then Shar-pei rescue got me and found me a home in Pensacola. I was scared for a while. I didn't know what love was cause nobody ever loved me and hugged me like my new mommy and daddy did. They had lots of toys that I would get and hide under the bed. there was this Lab. named "Cowboy" that always wanted to play, so I learned how to play and I had an older Pei named "Nikki" there. She was always with me. Life was starting to feel good. For 2 years I had my Pei sister "Nikki" to look up to. She was the boss. Then she got sick with tumors. Dad was sad and cried. Nikki was gone. Cowboy didn't want to play so much. This last year dad loved on me a lot and I got lots of treats. He took care of me and gave me lots of kisses. But the last 3 days I didn't feel good and got lots of fluid in me. Dad called the doctor. They said my liver got bad. Dad started to cry. I feel better now and my Pei sister Nikki is here. We can play all the time. She knows were all the toys are and lots of leaves to jump in. Now I'm in my forever home.

Thank you Layla for being in our lives for the past 3 years. We are so happy we could give you all the live you deserved. You brought so much joy to our hearts.



LeoFSPR is so sad to announce that Leo has gone to the rainbow bridge. He was diagnosed with end stage aggressive lymphoma and could not be saved.

We are thankful to his Guardian Angels for donations and everyone who worked so hard to try and save this wonderful boy. Thank you also to his foster family for showing him so much love in his final days. RIP Leo. xoxo



MeileAmy pulled a poor, nearly starving Shar-Pei from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter in 2007 and was generous enough to share her with us. We had many wonderful years laughing at Meili’s antics. She slept in our bed every night and never met a stranger -- everyone and everything she met was a friend, even all the Rotties we had when she first came to us. She didn't walk, she scampered through life, always looking for the best in people and other dogs. We know she's playing with them now, unless she's sneaking treats from her Granny who loved her too… Vicki


"TORI" (a.k.a. "TORRENCE" & "LaToya")

TORI Tori came to us just before Christmas 2005, as LaToya. We promptly changed her name to Torrence and eventually Tori became her nickname. She was born January 9, 1997. Of all the Shar Pei’s I’ve had, Tori was by far the most gentle and loving, so very motherly and felt it was her job to nurture all of us. She was the last of my Shar Pei’s and I enjoyed every minute of being with her. She was a little skiddish and not much of a snuggler, but she was content and happy to be in the same room. I finally gave up trying to put her in the bed. She rather enjoyed her own space on her doggie bed on the floor beside me.

Her curiosity was always piqued whenever people came to visit. She wanted to make sure they were okay to be near her family. She loved going for walks and playing with the cat. As age took over, she started slowing down, losing both her sight and her hearing but was in good health nonetheless. At the ripe old age of 13, she became ill and it was clear that she was in pain and miserable. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to ease her suffering. I held her in my arms and with tears streaming down my face, whispered my love to her as she peacefully slipped away. As hard as it was to see her go, it pleased me to know that she had been given a wonderful life in the years we had her. She knew what it was to be loved and well cared for. I don’t know what her life was like before us, I have my theories, but she was able to live five care-free, healthy years with us, smothered in love. I miss her everyday and can’t wait until we’re together again. I love you little Tor-Tor! Angel P



JETT We lost our little boy Jett who we adopted from Florida SharPei Rescue in May of 2007. He was the most amazing dog I've ever met. He was 9 years old. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Jett. He changed our lives in so many ways. Jett may have been a rescue, but instead he rescued me. Sarah



Chico Chico came into rescue on October 13, 2012. This poor baby had been living in a storage unit area for some time and people went out of their way to help him. This guy had hardly any hair on him and was so scared. Chico warmed up fast to the other dogs and soon learned he was a family member that was loved and never had to worry were his next meal was coming from. He liked to get kisses daily and wanted hugs, he was so happy with his new life, and loved when he was picked up and cuddled on the couch with his new parents. He would prance around the house being so proud of his new look with his hair back. Then suddenly Saturday night on December 8 Chico started throwing up and soon collapsed. We called his vet and he agreed to come into the office and try to help but it was to late, he died just minutes before the vet arrived, CPR was attempted in the car to bring him back but it was to late. The exam showed he had a large tumor and his spleen was enlarged 6 times the normal size. FSPR would like to thank Dr Mustafa Saleh for rushing to Chicos side to help.



Mia Mia suffered a stroke earlier this week. She received the best medical care during this time and it was with hope that medicine would help her recover so we could do physical therapy with her. But with great sadness Mia did not respond to the meds she was in no pain just in a state of confusion. Today we had to let her go to start her new life with a clear mind and no physical binds. Our hope is she was greeted by tuffy and their playing together till our time comes to join them. Al and myself would like to thank everyone for their prayers for our Mia.



Newman My Newman trotted into my home in August 2008, with a smile on his face, his tail wagging and like he had lived here forever. Pat from FSPR, made me the happiest person in the world when she blessed my me with my Newman. I had lost my Dante not to long before, and when Newman came through my door, it was the first time, since Dante had passed, that I smiled again. My heart skipped a beat and I overwhelmed with happiness again. I knew right then and there, that he found his home right here. He was such a silly boy and made us laugh all the time. He was my reason for wanting to volunteer for FSPR. He was such a regal, kind hearted Pei and I couldn't understand how someone could turned their back on him and leave him in a shelter to die. Thank god for FSPR who saved him and brought him into my life.

He was my baby boy, who loved to play. He loved to be vacuumed. When I vacuumed the house, he would stand infront of me doing the butt dance, waiting for his turn. He loved his stuffy frog, and brought it to bed every night with him. He loved to snuggle in bed at night and snored like no other. He adored his 2 Pei sisters, and would tear through the house playing with them. I would move Heaven and Earth to turn back time and have him with me again, happy and healthy. To pet him, hug him and kiss him one more time. But I know he is home now. It has been a huge loss, losing him, but we know he is running through the fields,over the rainbow bridge, playing with all the others up there. He is in no more pain.

Newman my baby boy, bubba, you will be in a special spot in my heart forever and ever. Love mum mums



Nala It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you all that we had to have NALA euthanized today.

For those of you that remember her, she came to us from the West Palm beach seizure of 23 dogs. Scott Kipp kept her and many others in an industrial park, and just bred her constantly. She was thin and blind and had bad teeth. Her lip was split. She was covered in fleas and ticks,and had fly bites about her ears, so bad they bled. Dr.Rose had to remove 7 of her teeth,on the right side. He said she suffered blunt force trauma to the right side of her face. She was old and no one wanted to adopt her. Yet she was a great ambassador for our breed, at every event she went to.She happily met people and gave them licks. If it weren't for her many scars,people never would have guessed the cruelty she suffered. Mr.Dave adopted her for his 60th birthday, because he loved her and was so tired that people kept turning her down.

Nala loved to spend her days and nights by Dave's feet. She lived for her meals. When Tebow came at 8weeks, Nala mothered him. She played with him and corrected him ( frequently). She even groomed him. We worked very hard to get Nala's eyesight back. She had surgery with both Dr.Rose and Dr. Brown. For a long time she could see, but then she eventually went blind. She could be mean about food. Had a nightly ritual of licking all the dog bowls,after a meal. She was by no means perfect, but was instead a very colorful character. While I just despise what Scott Kipp did to Nala and the other dogs, I am glad we had 4 great years with her. Dave and I wish it could have been more.Nala was a beautiful spirit and died at the age of 13. Sue & Dave



RIP my Tanner-Bear. You were a bear in every sense of that word. You were territorial like a bear, you were protective like a bear, you were cuddly like a teddy bear, but most of all you were my Tanner-Bear and you will be greatly missed ♥

Nasal cancer ran its course on Tanner, he was so brave and such a fighter all the way to the end. 11 years young. It broke our hearts to say goodbye. Although Tanner was not a rescue, he opened our hearts and minds to adopt a former rescue.



"NALA" (a.k.a. DONNA)

She was a great puppy and we fell in love with her the minute we got her... The little time we had with her made us very happy... Shes in a better place and will always be in our hearts. Karen




Our beloved Lucas passed away this morning. We were privileged to have had him for 2 years and 1 week. We rescued him as a birthday present for me, and he was the kindest, sweetest dog ever. Our hearts are sad, but he was very sick and went quietly and peacefully. They had diagnosed him with full blown kidney failure in February.



"SCOUT" (January 1998 - June 2012)

Scout My Scout, love of my lifetime passed away June 7, 2012. She was in my life from the moment she was born on January 14th, 1998. No words can adequately express the loss I feel. She will forever be with me now, in my thoughts, in my heart. I will be with her again. Scouty my baby girl, you are with me as I am with you. Pamela



Leroy Little Leroy went to the vet on 7/10 to have his entropian surgery on his upper and lower eyelids. I'm so unhappy to say that he went into cardiac arrest after the surgery was complete and the vets were unable to revive him. I know that Leroy had several families who had raised their hands to adopt him and for that we've very, very thankful! He obviously made the same impact with you that he did with us. We cared for him as our own until he was ready for his new family. And losing him before his time has caused a lot of tears and made our hearts as empty as his bed is now. He was the best little boy ever. So happy to be with you and play in the park with everyone. Our hearts miss his happy face. As hard as it is though, we'll honor Leroy's memory by opening our door to the next little Pei in need to get them ready for their rehoming. I know Leroy would give his blessing to share his toys.



China crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 7/7/12. China came to us May 2010 from FSPR. She stole our hearts from the beginning with her funny, goofy ways. She and her sister,Chloe, took time to warm up to each other but they eventually made up. She began having symptoms of renal failure Nov 2011, she was a fighter but her body could not go anymore. She is greatly missed by Mike, Vicki and Chloe. RIP sweet litte China girl!! We will meet again <3 - Vicki M




Sasha Sasha crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She had advanced cancer. Nothing could ever take away the 9 years of friendship, laughter, happiness and love that my sweet baby gave me. And she comforted me when I was having a bad day. I am forever greatful to FSPR for matching me with her 9 years ago. She was 11 when she passed. Love u big girl, furever! I will see you in Heaven when my work on Earth is done. Becky



This is Winston on the day he came home. Right from the start he and Ruffles were a pair. Winston gave Ruffles belly rubs. We chose a neutral place to introduce Ruffles and Winston. The first twenty minutes involved non-stop barking from both dogs. Evidently in that first meeting Ruffles made her belly rub requirements clear and Winston made his face cleaning requirements clear and the two enjoyed an amazing bond for the next 4.5 years. When we were chosen to be his adoptive family we felt like we had won the lottery.

Winston won the hearts of everyone when he came into Florida Shar Pei Rescues care. A massive fund raising campaign was started to repair the birth defects that involved both back legs. Because of the help of so many we had a wonderful 5 years with one of the most amazing, loving, and silly dogs on earth.

Winston had many health problems and it would be easy to say that he lost that last battle on May 14, 2012. But we think our big, silly, big-hearted Win-Man won. Winston was able to slip gently into his good night in the arms of two people who loved him greatly. Geri




To our friends...
Our boy Tuffy was suddenly taken from us with no reason May 22. He was enjoying his life up to the very end till he left me while I held him in my arms. I told him that he never disappointed us during his life time he would have been 11 in November 2012. Tuffy liked to travel and everyone who met him he made sure they knew he was a lover. When we wanted to be foster parents for the pei's our home was checked out and it was said Tuffy was not a typical shar pei. He was to friendly and just wanted to be loved. When he came into our lives as a puppy it seemed like his head was full grow and and his little pudgy body had to catch up. Later in life friends said he's fat (only 98 lbs) I said not true just not exercised enough. Tuffy loved his original sisters Trudy who passed 2 yrs ago pretty much the same way no warning. And now our sovereign queen China and our new pei that we adopted Mia. Mia is trying to help lil China and us as this has delt our family a devastating blow that we did not see coming. Were so happy that Tuffy and his sisters went for a walk Monday night since this would be his last one. Tuffy was told by me that he was my best friend in the whole world almost everyday. When I held him as he slipped away he heard it for the last time. I hope to reunite with my boy soon, he has created a hole that will never be filled. Don




On March 12 2011 we lost our little angel Rollie. She was rescued in Toronto by our dear friend Claire. Rollie’s Life started on not too good of a note, she was kept in a 2 x 2 closet and Claire found out about her and saved her. She was 6 months old at the time. Claire passed away 2 years later from breast cancer and she left Rollie to us. Rollie quickly wormed her way into our hearts. She came with us to Florida and quickly realized that she was queen of her castle. Most dogs have owners... ours had staff!! She would let us know when it was time in the morning to get up and walk her, and don’t try to shorten here walk!! She would tell us when it was time to go to bed, and god forbid that she didn’t know were you were... she'd hunt you down. She had to know where you were in the house at all times. However, once she found you she didn’t like to be fussed over. We were very lucky to have her till she was 12 years old. She was a loyal, loving member of our family and is sadly missed! Michael D




Colonel I would like for you to meet Colonel. He came into our home by fate. When I saw him for the first time, on a chain, no shelter and in the heat, I knew then he was coming home with me to be loved. He won the love of his family! Due to an unfortunate accident we lost our friend and part of the family. We have such fond memories of Colonel. RIP 4/16/2012

Patten Family, Tylertown, Ms 39667



My heart is so heavy right now. Today, I made the most difficult decision to put Roger down because he had lost his fight with cancer. I hurt so much that I cannot describe the way that I feel right now but I know that I would hurt way worse to watch him hurt from his pain. Roger was so loving to me and Roger just loved to be loved back. He loved going out the front door and he knew that he usually got an evening walk and a morning walk. He knew that he was spoiled and could get anything his little heart desired. Roger was so deserving because he had a hard life before he came into the rescue. This little guy won my heart from the beginning. He had the most beautiful brown eyes and his entire back of the body wiggled when he would wag that little tail of his. The vet commented that Roger was the most mellow dog that he had ever met. I kept his last bone that he was chewing on as a keepsake. Today, I lost a best friend and I can only pray that I will see him again one day. I love Roger so much and will miss him and his loving ways dearly. Thomas and Frank




Zeus Hello- my husband and I adopted Zeus from FSPR in 2004, we picked him up at the Okeechobee animal shelter, Barb was our contact and referred me to pick up our Zues. I just wanted to let her know that he passed away Sunday - he was diagnosed with malignant Lymphoma the beginning of February and lost his battle this past weekend. I just wanted to let Barb know as she was the one who got him for our family, and we are all feeling the loss. Sincerely, Nicole & Jake, Bradenton FL


"TOBY" (December 1996 - May 2010)

Toby Sweet, goofy, noisy, loving, loyal, and always by my side. When the weather was nice Toby was so happy he would walk around “singing” (okay snorting) with joy. From the first moment when I saw the “W” made of wrinkles on his forehead I knew that he was mine (it’s the first letter of my last name). Despite having all kinds of medical problems especially in his later years he was always happy and took every pill as a treat. I miss you wrinkle dog. Rest in peace. Nicole



BudreauxMy baby Budreaux who has since passed. We lost him March 8th, 2011 to amylidosis, only 6 years old. There will never be another like him and we still miss him terribly. I remember this picture like it was yesterday.



TylerOn Sunday March 11, 2012 our beloved Tyler crossed over the rainbow bridge and left behind a step-brother Sumo and two dads that are going to miss him dearly. Thank you Tyler for bringing joy into our lives and we are so proud and grateful to have you in our lives if only for 3 years. We will never forget how excited you were to go on walks and all the times we took you to Ft Lauderdale and camping with us. As I write this I can't stop the tears from flowing and when we think of you there is always a tear of sorrow because you are not hear and a tear of joy for all the times you have touched our heart. Deep down we do know that we provided a good home for you. Always in our thoughts. Tom, Gary and Sumo


"RUMPO" (2005 - 2012)

Wanting to add to our family, decided on meat mouth and wrinkles
Search the web and find him
Chocolate!!! Even better!! I love chocolate
I see him and think “I want him”

Delicious anticipation
Drive hurriedly to Gainesville
Get new harness and treats
Lead him with us on a new leash
Getting to know him and I smile: I have him

Long walks, dog park
Digging like crazy
Snuggling in bed
Play biting, stretching, playing “gas pedal”
Sneak smack attacks for running the vacuum
Kissing his smooshie face, I tell him “I love him”

Losing weight
Cant stop eating
Up all night being sick
Try new food, try medicines, take xrays
No more snuggling, huffing in pain. I nurse him

No more pain. Slipped away in my arms knowing he was loved and cared for.
Home, empty arms, empty heart.
I fall asleep from exhaustion.
Wake without his desperate paw
Hear only the single jingle of Sully’s collar
And I sigh, "I want him"




BudhaOur tribute to our baby girl, Budha. She came to us from your Rescue in N.E. in 2004 (formerly known as Princess) and filled our lives until 10/09/11. When she crossed over she took a very large piece of our hearts with her. She never quite lost her anxiety of being alone throughout the years, and that was OK with us because we worked at home and she was with us always, which makes us feel the emptiness all the more. Our comfort (if any) is knowing that she was not anxious when she crossed over. She was in her favorite spot at the foot of our bed as we held her. Until we meet again, Budha!


"NANCY" (a.k.a. SOPHIA)

It is with great sadness that I let you know the sweet Sophia pei has crossed the bridge. I think this is one of those times when as a foster parent you ask yourself "is this really worth it?" I can honestly say that the brief time I had with Sophia was completely worth it! The thought of her life ending on the streets, or in that shelter is unbearable. In the two months I spent with her, she did something to crack me up everyday no matter how bad she felt. Even though she was very sick she held on as long as she could to enjoy the new life she had been given thanks to FSPR. She was so thankful for every moment, and I learned so much from her. Unfortunately, last night it became very clear that her fight was coming to an end. She passed in my arms at Dr. Jones office with her Auntie Leigh by her side. While it was heartbreaking to let her go, I know she is no longer in pain and that is all that matters. I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I had hoped, but she really is a rescue success. In the end she learned how to love and trust despite what those before rescue did to her, and she left this world happy. Farewell my sweet Sophia. I will miss your funny feet and your sweet purple kisses. Jill




Someone told us that certain pets come into your life and leave memories and an impression that lasts a lifetime. Plato was that Pei to us. Everyone he met said they were touched by his muzzle the endless licks and kisses he offered to everyone and anyone he met. Everyone who ever met him said he was the kindest, gentlest, and happiest dog they have ever been around. People often told us that they were going to steal him from us because he was so loveable. Plato was the wise “old man” of our three peis, often leading the charge out his doggie door to chase squirrels or anything else that caught his attention in the yard. He was the first shar pei we ever fostered and hands down the most incredible pei we’ve ever had.

Plato was an incredible dog, he always wanted to play, curl up next to us on the couch or in bed, be pet, and always loved to play with our son and other peis. He never turned down the opportunity to steal anything our son dropped from the dinner table. We miss him terribly and wish we had 15 more years with him, but the memories he created and shared with us in his short time on this earth will last a lifetime. We know that he is up in heaven looking down on us, wagging his curly and running like a boomerang from place to place and probably licking everything in sight. We know that there will never be another pei like Plato, but his memory will live on within our family and our hearts. Zach, Jenn, & Brynley




We have had other Shar-Pei's; Luna and Shadow were the most gentle and loving souls we ever encountered. Thank You, Harry and Erika

Luna & Shadow



Gordy My Gordy boy flew from San Diego to Georgia and straight into our hearts, we loved him in the short time he was with us. But this little angel had been so neglected in his short life of 2 years that his little body just stopped working. Thanks to everyone who helped him get to us, he enriched our lives by getting to know and love him. Linda



In memory of ADONIS & MOM. I got Adonis 12 years ago from Oregon. I had many pet names for him and we did everything together... sleep, eat, walks and trips. I rescued Mom after a hurricane and I had the pleasure of her companionship for 5 years. As you can see this was the "House of Shar-Pei". (That's why they call it "fur-niture"!) Kathy

Adonis & Mom


"SAMSON" (We'll never forget you!!!)

My friend Jerry and I were honored to be the parents of Samson, our beloved Shar-pei for six years. He came to live with us at age seven months. He came to us with eye problems, two stuffed toys and a great big ol' Pei heart who was ready to love unconditionally and to be loved. He was the perfect little gentleman who took his eye surgeries with dignity and never ever gave his daddy or me any trouble. He adored his kitty sister Dusty, although she wasn't sure about him for a long time but as time went on, he won her over. The thing that makes this story so incredible is that I, along with my friend Jerry too, am visually impaired, so Sam, Jerry and I kind've had something in common. He made us laugh the way he would beg for food, shake his wrinkles on command and his middle name was go, any time the car pulled out of the drive, he wanted to be in it.

His problems began when he was two, he was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease which never got better. He would suffer attacks from time to time and would be treated for the attack but they started coming closer and closer. We found out eventually that he was suffering from systemic amyloidosis which I learned too late is quite common in many Pei. On August 6th of this year, after trying everything possible, Samson's daddy Jerry and I made probably the most difficult and heartbreaking decision we'll ever have to make, we had to have our beloved Samson, AKA Mr. Wrinkles put to sleep. I held him during the entire time and Jerry had his hand on our beloved wrinkly boy's head. I felt the last breath he took and felt the last beat of that golden Pei heart.

There are times I feel so sad that Samson couldn't have spent more time with us, but I have come to realize that it isn't the amount of time a person, or a furry child lives on this earth, it is the quality of that life, and believe me, our Samson had a life that was full of love and he returned that love a million times over.

We have a new fur baby now, his name is Bentlee and he is a Pitt Bull. I find myself finding things he does very much like things that Samson did. I know it is not right to compare the dogs, but who knows, maybe Bentlee is another gift from God, just wrapped in a different package!!I pray one day, God will give us another Pei-baby to love and I'll just bet our Bentlee Bear would love a wrinkly brother or sister!!

We will never forget you Samson, Mister Wrinkles, and I pray there will be dogs in Heaven, for if there are, I know you're up there waiting for us. So long Samson, but never ever goodbye. Lee Ann & Jerry




Miss Padi Pei We are extremely sad to let everyone know that Miss Padi Pei lost the battle today and passed on at Dr. Jones' office. Her Mommy Susan and I were present, and I know that the brief time she spent with Susan after coming into rescue was the happiest and safest of her short life.

Complications from the heartworm treatment were too much for our sweet little snort-a-saurus girl, but she is no longer suffering and said good-bye with dignity and love. Leigh



On September 14, 2010 I made the most difficult decision, to put Harley down after a very short 2 month battle with cancer. I cried every day knowing I would soon have to say goodbye to my best friend. The prognosis was not good and I could not bear to ever see him suffer. He was the most wonderful, loving, loyal Shar Pei I could have ever asked for. A complete mush. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him and all the joy he brought me in the 8 short years he was here.

Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you Harley Quinn.



"CASHOO and Her Friend"

Cashoo and her friend! Cashoo was loyal and loving! She lost her eye sight in her last 4 years and it was amazing how well she adapted to her surroundings. She was my best friend and missed very much! Patti


"PORTHOS Ming-lee Hamilton"

This is Porthos. Our wonderful little man. He passed away on June 5th at 11.5 years of age after a 6 month long battle with Lymphoma. He out lasted everyone's expectations as he also had FSPF. He was easily the best and most unique dog we've ever owned. In the future once we are ready we will likely be contacting you folks to see about giving an animal a furever home. Thanks for caring for the Pei's! Angela and Mark




It is with a sad and heavy heart to write about Wallee using past tense. But Wallee deserves this tribute to his special life, so here goes. Wallee came to us three years ago from FSPR. We had just lost our Pei, Wally (pure irony they happen to have the same name) and we needed a new Pei brother for our Pei, Robbie. The minute we saw Wallee on the website, we knew he’d be a perfect addition to our family. The day we met Barb in south GA to bring Wallee to his new home was unforgettable! When we got home, he went barreling into the house and made himself at home. His foster mom, Pat had told me he loved “stuffies”, so we made sure there were ample stuffed toys for Wallee to play with. And play he did! He was so goofy and silly. Wallee made us laugh on a daily basis. He honestly was the best boy! Wallee loved riding in the car and going to work with me. All I had to say was “Wallee, you want to go to work” and he would start running in circles and scratching at the door.

Wallee On Thursday, July 14th Wallee went to work with me, but not with his usual excitement. He was just too sick to care. Just another indication he was ready to give up his tough fight. We don’t know much about the beginning of Wallee’s life, but I can tell you his ending was peaceful. I held Wallee in my arms and whispered to him how brave he was and how much he was loved by me, Michael, Izzy and Snuggles. My heart broke as Wallee slipped away into his eternal dream.

I can’t end this tribute without mentioning Wallee’s foster parents, Pat and Alex! Because you opened your home and hearts to Wallee, you made it possible for us to welcome Wallee into our home & hearts. Wallee touched all our lives and for that we are forever blessed with loving memories of him. Victoria



Holly We adopted Holly 3yrs ago, She Passed Yesterday May 11, 2011. She was the best dog and friend ever made. She now can roam and run for ever more watching over us. We will miss her so much our hearts are broken never to be filled with the barking and love she gave us. She loved popcorn and we may never eat popcorn the same again. We will miss you Holly and know your not suffering anymore.

Thank You Flordia Shar-Pei Rescue, you made our time with Holly a great 3 yrs that we will never forget. Maybe someday we will get another, but for now we will remember Holly and the great times we had with her. We WILL MISS YOU HOLLY AND LOVE YOU FOREVER. The Dutton's, Conway SC



You were full-spirited, loving, loyal, and very special. You will be missed, but never forgotten. You are now free to run forever with no boundaries.

A very special thank you and my gratitude for Kellie and her family who provided a loving and caring home these past few months. I just wish some day I can pay it forward with the same compassion as you have displayed. Thank you & Bless You!!! Dean




Lexi fell hard into liver and kidney failure and dropped down to a horrid weight before our eyes. She just was tired. I think she was holding on for us, not her these last few days.

The vet was really good. He had tears in his eyes as he told me he thought that fluids and steriods would hold her for days and then she wuld be right back in. Sometimes, you have to know when enough is enough. I couldn't say the words, but he and his staff worked with me to decide that she had worked hard enough and it was in her best interest to let her rest. Sucks. No other way to say it. 14 years combined with 2 little boys (plus countless sleepovers of 10 plus kids), an ex husband, 3 dogs and a cat outlived! She roller bladed, jumped 4 foot fences, chased opposumms, brought me baby bunnies, and loved cats! She ate pancakes, pizza bones, and was the cutest thing ever when eating mashed potatoes (with gravy was the best! Imagine those lips around a fork of this!!!). So, we loved each other. We were there... for each other.

Tonight I'll miss her snoring. Her nails walking on the wooden floor And, even yes, her pee spots if she doesn't wake me. Tomorrow I'll have to explain it to my boys. Trenton will take it hard. But, he knows she was loved and taken care of.



"CHARLIE" (January, 2011 - March, 2011)


Charlie If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to Heaven and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.

Sadly, we mourn the loss of Puppy Charlie. His time here was not to be. He left our world today to travel to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be a puppy there forever.

FSPR would like to thank everyone that prayed and sent well wishes for his recovery plus a special thanks to his "Guardian Angels"

("CHARLIE" and Larry K) (Wes N) (Lorena R) (Jill B) (Iryna N)


"ABBY" (Princess Abigail Weigle)

Upon coming home from work on Wed. Feb 2nd, we found our 7 year old Shar-pei had passed away in her sleep!! Her head was resting on her paws and she looked like a beautiful angel!! She had not been sick or anything so this was quite a shock to us and especially to my son who was 4 when we got her and is now 11 !!! I miss her and think about her everyday!! She was an apricot registered shar-pei and beautiful!!! In fact she was my valentines gift in 2004 and we had driven almost 3 hours to buy and pick her up!! She definitely had her own personality and did not like strangers!!!We have a baby book of her when she was little and full of wrinkles!!! Love you Abby!! Love: Mommy!!!




Henry Never gonna fall in love again.
I don't want to start with someone new.
'Cause I couldn't bear to see it end,
Just like me and you.
...No, I never want to feel the pain
Of remembering how it used to be.
Never gonna fall in love again
Just like you and me.

We miss you terribly, Henry. Rest in peace, little boy... we'll see you soon. John


"LULU" (December 8, 2010)

LuLu To all my friends. Lulu went to heaven today. She was a cool dog. Not loving and sometimes a meanie. But we loved her all the same. We would have to take her twice a year and get her ugly moles removed. She hated having her nails done. She would hide in her crate at bath time. She did her special backsteppin' dance, at dinner time. She would stand outside and bark at nothing. She got mad if the other dogs were sleeping on her bed, or in her crate. She would come in through the kitchen and slam the gate open. She was just so very special.

She started failing last week, but she had good and bad days. Her weight started dropping at an alarming rate. She did'nt want to eat anymore. This morning, I could see she was struggling to breathe, and just would not get up. We carried her in to Dr. Rose and she went very peacefully. I stayed with her, but poor Dave just broke down and had to leave the room. (so much for that big tough Marine) I kissed her goodbye as I held her. I told her how sorry I was, that she couldn't live forever. She was a character,and we will miss her so very much. Sleep well you old meanie. We love you always. Sue, Dave & Samsun


"CHLOE" (August 2, 2003 - November 13, 2010)

Chloe Chloe died on Saturday from Kidney failure, Chloe, you were always my baby girl since the day I brought you home, I went in search for a companion for Max so he would have someone to play with. I picked you because I didn't think anyone would love you since you were not a pretty girl and I knew I would give you a good life. I made the perfect choice since you both were together all the time, until he passed away from cancer.

I have such wonderful memories of you dancing around the table for food, running from one side of the table to the other afraid you might get left out and how your face would light up for chips. I think you were one of a kind.

I know you are at peace and hope you have found your way back to Max over the rainbow bridge were the two of you can be together forever. Amy



Titan passed away due to having patriotic cancer on the early morning of October 12, 2010. I adopted Titan in February of 2009. Titan was an amazing dog to have. He brought so much happiness into my life. I thought of Titan as my child and my best friend. He appreciated everything I ever gave him. He loved to be around me and my family. He enjoyed going for walks and he loved car rides. Titan had the cutest face, he was my little hansome boy. He loved to sit next to me whether if I was sitting on the couch, laying on my bed, or sitting at the dinning room table, he was always right there by my side no matter what. Titan was always waiting for me to come home and he would sit in front of my sliding glass doors so he could see me pull up in my car. Titan used to take naps and snore really loud and it was adorable hearing my little boy sleeping peacefully. He always loved his baby blankets he layed on. He loved to get in a tiny ball up on my couch like a little kid and watch t.v. My mom and Ty would play a game called the sausage game. My mom would hide tiny sausages in her pants and Ty would sniff all over and sit next to my mom waiting to get one. Titan didn't die in pain and left this world to cross the bridge in his mommy's arms. Titan will be missed greatly in my family. I love you Ty and you will always be in my heart. RIP Ty!!! We love and miss you!!!



"CAGNEY" (07/12/2004 - 08/21/2010)

Forever in my Heart - Eternally my Angel

"He is my other eyes that can see above the clouds; my other ears that hear above the winds. He is the part of me that can reach out into the sea. He has told me a thousand times over that I am his reason for being; by the way he rests against my leg; by the way he thumps his tail at my smallest smile; by the way he shows his hurt when I leave without taking him. When I am wrong, he is delighted to forgive. When I am angry, he clowns to make me smile. When I am happy, he is joy unbounded. When I am a fool, he ignores it. When I succeed, he brags. Without him, I am only another person. With him, I am all-powerful. He is loyalty itself. He has taught me the meaning of devotion. With him, I know a secret comfort and a private peace. He has brought me understanding where before I was ignorant. His head on my knee can heal my human hurts. His presence by my side is protection against my fears of dark and unknown things. He has promised to wait for me... whenever... wherever - in case I need him. And I expect I will - as I always have. He is my dog."

My dearest were my everything. You came to me at a moment in time when I needed you most. You became my angel the day you were born; the night I delivered you I fell in love with you, a love that was pure, unconditional and without faults. You are now eternally my angel, protecting and watching over me as I navigate my way through the rest of my time on this planet. I feel lost without you by my side, but keep pushing forward because I know that's what you would want me to do. I'm so, so sorry there was nothing I could do to heal your disease. I'm so, so sorry you had to tolerate the deterioration that came along with that disease. I would have traded places with you if I could. Your pain is gone now and I'm thankful for that. The pain I am left feeling without you here is nearly unbearable, but I have your sister, Kei-Li, keeping me company and urging me on when I feel I have nothing left in me. We are learning to live without you, but I'm fighting it every step of the way. I promise I will try harder. I will make you proud to have been my boy. Know I will always love you and hold you close to my heart FOREVER. I will see you again my love.....Love, Mom (Chandra)




Our sweet Pei Lei has gone to heaven on Aug 28 2010. Loyal companion, with me thru thick and thin... Loved cats, dogs and people...she had alot of nick names, wrinkles, pei pei and what a funny looking dog. She was 10 when she passed. Travel with us and loved her rides with the truck or car... Heaven has a great new playmate. We miss her so dearly and our memories will continue! Thank you Pei Pei for all your love and joy you gave so many people!!! We love you and pray for you always! xoxox

Pei Lei



Romeo I may have crossed the rainbow bridge, but I am not far from you. Please do not shed your tears for me, for I am free. I am playing in the grass with my other pei friends and god has set me free.

Please know I love you all for all you have done, but I needed to be free. I am happy and running and playing about, the grass is so green and beautiful, the doggies are so fun and wonderful.

This is not goodbye, just a new type of life for me. Please help the next Pei baby in my memory.



We are writing you because we felt you would like to know that our beloved friend, and yours, Flipper passed away on May 22. He was loved, healthy and happy up until a week prior to this time. Our veterinarian was unable to determine what was causing his quality of life to diminish. He is buried on our property in one of his favorite places where he used to like to chase squirrels and watch as they climbed up the tree to make their get-away.

We wanted to thank you for saving Flipper from the tragic fate he was facing as a young dog and for helping to transform him into the wonderful one he became. We also wanted to thank you for the time that we spent together. Our family has been truly blessed and will not be the same with out him.

Best regards, Michelle and Jay



"LILEE HUDEK" (2002 - March 30th 2010)

Our dear silly Lilee, you were the clown of our house, the one to always made us laugh. In the beginning you were so withdrawn and mistrusting of humans but in the end you were our little angel. The fearless protector of your family & dear Tobee. Only we saw your soft, funny and playful side: even tough I didn't think chewing on my leather shoes was very funny, I see that you thoroughly enjoyed it when a look at my shoe rack! I am so glad we had the time with you, to see you blossom into the adorable Pei you were meant to be.

Its with a heavy heart that I had to say good bye to you. For so long we knew you were not well but we did whatever we needed to do to keep you well, happy and strong. If I had my way that would be forever but I know you are with your faithful companion Tobee now. We miss you very much and your Papa was so sorry he couldn't make it home. Our house is not the same without the both of you and your presence is deeply missed. Rest in peace my beautiful goofy girl much love and an eternity of hugs & kisses to you both. Lou & Bill



"TOBEE HUDEK" (2001 - March 9th 2010)

You and Lilee came to us not so long ago, scared, skinny and a little misbehaved. You stuck by my side from the beginning and in time you were a very handsome pei... and a little better behaved. You never lacked on things to make me smile and things I wanted to kick your butt for: but all things I loved you for. You were our little escape monkey and I would have loved to have caught how you could actually get yourself out of the yard.

I am very grateful for the time I had with you and especially grateful you both had the opportunity to live your remaining years with us: to feel love instead of fear. Thanks for the hugs, kisses and unwavering companionship. You are deeply missed and Lilee is very lonely without you.

We Miss & Love You, Lou, Bill & Lilee




Gracie Thanks for the "heads up" on your website. Our Son and daughter-in-law visited us about a year after Gracie joined the family and became comfortable around strangers. However, Gracie and Annika bonded immediately and became fast bed friends and playmates.

The point of the story is the fact that we live in Fla. and our kids and grandkids live in Minn. Therefore we don't see them in person very often. Maybe once a year--but Gracie and Annika reacted to each other promptly during each visit; as if they'd always been together. The result was that Gracie had several "Best Friends" within our extended family and will be missed by many.

Regards, Suz and King


Dora Dora is at peace now and she is no longer suffering. She went down hill within the last 24 hours and today she couldn't walk. Although we were not able to “fix” her, we took her off the streets and were able to give her love and comfort in her short time with us. Thank you to those who helped with her care.


It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of one of our rescue dogs, Mooshie. I recall the day that I picked her up in a shelter in Tampa. When I saw her I was amazed that she had not been claimed. She was truly elegant and carried herself with pride. When I brought her home, my neighbor Sandy saw her and it was love at first sight. She and her husband Steve adopted her that day. That was 2.5 years ago. Mooshie attracted people everywhere she went because of her beauty and calm demeanor. She had kisses for everyone and was a great ambassador for our breed. She is missed by all that knew her. She graced us with her presence and will always be remembered for the smiles and happiness she brought to all of us. With sadness and love, Barb Abel



"FAYA" (a.k.a. MOMMA)
(10/9/92 - 11/15/09)

I lost my friend of 17 years on Sunday morning and my eyes have not dried. When you were born I was only 15 years old. Oh! all that you have watched me go through, from those stuborn teenage years to marriage and three children. You were always there for me wagging your tail and giving me big slobbery kisses. You lived a long wonderful life and I knew this day would come but I could never prepare myself for the pain. You were a loving, loyal friend and even though our time apart is only temporary I still miss you so. So run and play Momma and I will see you someday to cross the rainbow bridge together.

"SABOO" (a.k.a. IZZY)

We just lost Saboo (when you had him his foster name was Izzy) this morning. My wife and I adopted him in March 06 after our other 2 shar peis passed on. Bless you for bringing him into our lives.

He was a great partner for my wife and I. He was always near us and watching out for us in our home and when we travelled. He went everywhere with us and had a great life, travelling the world.

A couple of weeks ago he started eating less and was more tired, finally succumbing to liver failure after a strong bout of SFS. We and the doctor tried what we could but he couldn't hang on anymore. He was the friendliest dog to people and other animals making friends all the time.

He is going to be very missed but again we wanted to thank you for letting us care for him as he did for us. Bruce and Marianna

"CHEVAK" (12/2007 - 06/13/2009)

My dear sweetheart, when daddy brought you home you were only 5 lbs. of fur and so independent, that only made us fall in love quicker! It seems that you believed your mission was to protect your family and even when your health was not the best you were always ready to greet me and dad when we came from work. You always offered your chubby belly and those races after a bath were awfully fast!!

I could say so many things about you, but the truth is your small body did not deserve all the pain and suffering, and even during those times you showed us what you were made off, taking your pills like a pro, sitting waiting for me to put them down your throat without complaining.

I am so happy you made my life glow for that short period of time. We miss playing with you, kissing your chubby cheeks, not to mention that smelly neck of yours!!

I pray to be able to see your pictures soon with a smile and celebrate your life the way you celebrated with us. WE MISS YOU AND YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE PAPI!!!

"SHEILA" (October 2000 – July 2009)

I just knew in my heart it was time for you to begin your journey to Heaven my little “pumpkin.” God was calling you home. It broke my heart to have to make that decision but you didn’t deserve to suffer.

You brought me great joy when I rescued you and your sister Shirley almost eight years ago. I still remember the first day I met you both. I knew immediately that we were meant for each other. How quickly time passes. I think of all that we did together over the years and the travels we took! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Now you are reunited with your sister Shirley. Your step sister Mimi, Grammy and Grandpa, and I miss you so much. I especially miss the hugs and kisses you would shower on me with that precious blue/black tongue and the way you would “talk” to me with your grunts and snorts! I cherish these memories and all of our life together so much. In your honor Uncle Ivan and the other members of our “extended” family actually named a star in honor of you and your sister. On clear nights I will always look at that star and know that you and your sister are there looking down upon me waiting for God to reunite us forever!
It has been an honor and a privilege to have been given the responsibility to love and care for you and Shirley. You entered this world unwanted and abandoned but you left this world loved and missed. I know that one day we will all be reunited in Heaven. Until then, please give your sister Shirley a hug and kiss from me and know that even though you are gone from this life, I still love you both very much and that I will think about you two every day of my life. You will be in my heart and a part of me forever!


My precious Phoebe passed on to a better place this morning. She quietly and peacefully was sent on her way.

She was diagnosed with amyloidosis (Shar Pei fever) a short time ago. Phoebe's health and quality of life were greatly diminished. After significant weight loss and some body functions, my vet help me determine that now was the time to let her rest.

While I only had her for a year and a couple months, she brought such joy and delight to me, I will always be grateful that she came into my life. Love to all, Jan

"SABLE" (5/04/2000 - 1/17/2009)

I got my first Shar-Pei when I was 14 years old; it was love at first sight. Sable was my third generation Shar-Pei as I bred them in the mid 90's. Sable was born on May 4, 2000.

During the night of January 15, 2009 Sable was guarding our yard when a opossum nearly her size entered to eat some mangos from our tree. Sable cornered this huge animal and attacked. Because the opossum felt threatened he fought back. We awoke and went outside to bring Sable in, she seemed fine, no cuts or marks. She was just excited that she protected the yard and family. She calmed down and went to sleep at the foot of my bed. That is where we thought the story would end. We laughed about the fierce battle the next day and told our friends the story, like it was nothing; after all it had happened before. Sable is the best fruit tree guard dog anyone could ever ask for.

Sable slowly went down hill during the next 24 hours, so I made a vet appointment for first thing Saturday morning thinking maybe she had an infection from a puncture wound that I did not see under her beautiful soft fur. I kissed her goodnight and told her I would be getting her some medicine to make her feel better.

Unfortunately Sable did not make it through Friday night, she passed away peacefully around 1:30 a.m. on January 17th. This is where my world changed forever. Most likely it was a spleen rupture due to the unknown trauma of the battle. I can only hope that this day will be the saddest day of my life, because anything sadder would be virtually unbearable.


Rest in peace, little man. Let there be no more pain. Sysco’s time with us in rescue was just a matter of days but FSPR pulled this little boy from the Miami jail where he was listed as a stray. The contacted owners did not want him so we whisked to our emergency vet and found broken bones. Putting up a brave front despite horrible pain, he was still unable to stand or relieve himself. Further testing results showed internal injuries, so a tough decision was made to let him go over the Rainbow Bridge to a place where he would no longer suffer.


Goodbye, brave Sysco



Our first Shar-pei BING was 18 years old when we had to put her to sleep in November of 2008. Immediately after that our 10 year old PEANUT was diagnosed with amyloidosis and passed away just last weekend, April 2009. My wife and I have had Shar-peis for 18 years, they are the greatest dogs, so much character and loyalty.

Our dogs got to travel to Georgia and Tennessee and loved going to the mountains and playing in the snow. We hope we loved them as much as they loved us. We miss Peanut and Bing very much, and we know they are together now in doggie heaven.

Thanks, John and Stacy

Bing & Peanut



Sunday afternoon we lost our precious Max. He suffered a seizure of some type Saturday afternoon and never came out of it. He passed away peacefully at home in my arms Sunday afternoon.

I want to send a sincere thanks to Barb at Florida Shar Pei rescue for allowing Jeff and I to adopt him in November 2003. I do not think that he had a very good puppy-hood, but guarantee he had a wonderful set of Foster Parents (John and Elizabeth) and when we came to visit him, it was love at first sight. John and Elizabeth affectionately named him "Schnoz" because he had such an adorably large nose. Jeff and I named him Maximum Schnoz and he was known as Max.

Max and I raised several thousand dollars over the years for March of Dimes - he was my faithful yearly walking companion and always an attention getter at the park. He has several "boot" awards for his faithful service to March of Dimes.

He was a wonderfully happy go lucky, good boy. He adopted Gracie, Lucy and Bill with ease.


He always had a big Shar Pei smile for you along with a couple of slobbery goobs as well! For those of you who met him - you would know this is true. My heart breaks to lose him but know that he went to heaven with his tail wagging, smiling and slobbering to meet Jeff. His Daddy will take good care of him there.

Much love all, Karla



On 4/25/09 we lost our best friend and loving companion in Maddie of Bloat. She was 1 1/2 years old when we got her and we had her for 14 years. She is irreplaceable and will be loved and missed terribly and will never be the same without her. It brings comfort to see on your website that we are not alone missing our beloved sharpei.



On 3/1/09 our family suffered a great loss. Our beloved best friend of 9 years, Booda Boo became extremely ill with sudden kidney failure. The hardest decision in our lives was what to do. We could not watch him hurt so bad after all the love he gave to us. We held him, thanked him and loved him as he took his final breath. As we have to keep telling ourselves that we did this for him and not for us as he his running with his parents our beloved Sweety & Kodi who died together on 5/1/04, and he is not hurting anymore as we are for missing him. Thank you good friend for all you dedication, love & companionship. Thank you for making sure your newest little owner was born and your momma was ok. Go run, go play and go be happy and we will again meet and be a whole family again. We will look after the kids that you loved and protected so greatly.


We will miss you next to us all night and all of our routines. We will never forget you and after this great hurt relieves a little we will celebrate the awesome life we had with you in it. Be at Peace our Booda. We love you forever.

Love, Jeff, Jen, Logan, Madison & Cody


"FATTY" (4/16/2002 - 2/22/2009)

Fatty lost his battle with cancer on February 22, 2009.

He was a very loving boy and will be missed. Fatty was a very proud boy, he always walked with his head held high and loved to meet all people and dogs in the area. He also loved to hang out with you in the kitchen to see what you were doing and maybe get a treat when he gave you a sad look.

Fattys favorite food was bananas, you always had to have 2, one for you and one for him. He would sit by you to watch television in the evenings and when it was time for bed he would help get the bed warm for you. He would sleep in the bed all night with you and in the morning when you would wake up he was right there to give you our morning kiss.


Fatty wasn't with us very long but we were glad we were able to make his last days on earth happy and comfortable before his trip over the rainbow bridge.


"OLIVIA" (1/25/2005 - 11/29/2008)



I would like to tell you our story! We got Suki from a family friend, I met her and just couldn't live without her. She was 7 years old when she came to live with me but the story began before that, she was 9 months old when my friend found her stuck in this little cage in a pet store. She came home scared of the world. She didn't play or come up to people, she just kept to herself.

Well until I came along and she became my best friend. I got her trusting people, sleeping on the bed with me and playing all day long. It's like when we met she new life would be ok. She was such a perfect dog, she knew what she wanted and got it. She even saved my newborn daughter. We had my daughter sitting in her bouncer while my husband and I attempted to put her swing together. As the top of our entertainment center fell, Suki ran over and fell on her, giving us just enough time to move our daughter out of harms way. She really touched our hearts.

But a couple months ago she started to change. At first I thought it was just old age. She didn't eat as much and never wanted to play. She wouldn't let my children near her and on October 14th I woke up and she was gone. It broke all of our hearts but she'll always be with our family. Melissa



Coco was my best friend. She passed away on Nov 3, 2008 of Bloat. When we went to sleep she was her self... but when we woke up she couldn't stand & was swollen... within the hour she went into a coma & died in my arms. I tell everyone b/c its something I wasn't educated on & had no clue what to do.

I rescued her at 6 months old. When I first got her she use to sleep & eat underneath my bed. I laid on the floor with her for 2 weeks straight until she came out. She slept with me for years. When I met my husband we went & bought a king size bed so she can fit on the bed with us. She had her own recliner. Her own dog bed & was allowed to lay wherever her fat belly wanted to. She used to lick our feet to tickle us. Whenever I was sad she would cuddle with me & lick my tears. She was famous for running backwards & running from big dogs when they would approach. LOL... she never bit anyone. She loved food on a whole other level.


She was with me through the good & the bad. She was my best friend. She never left my side & I'm going to miss her very much. I don't know how to come home & not see her wagging her tail at me begging for food... like always. She was a really good dog & I loved her so much.




Popcorn was the best dog!! He was always by my side except for when we went to bed, then he was at my feet keeping them warm! Some dog's get dog beds, Popcorn got a dog recliner as the picture shows. He was the most gentle dog I have ever seen. He loved other dogs and cats! He enjoyed running and playing with all my children. He would never bark at anyone or anything but he would come to everyone and expect to be petted! He was the greeter in our house.


Popcorn will be so sadly missed and the memories that I have I will cherish for the rest of my own life.


"HARLEY DAVIDSON" (1997 - 2008)

I lost Harley on October 9, 2008 after a brief battle with Mast Cell Tumors. He was the most beloved boy to me! He was a Valentine’s Day present given to me in 1997. At only 6 weeks old, he looked like a little orange wrinkle. I used to take him to work and sneak to my cubicle where he would sleep in my top drawer. For almost 12 years Harley was my constant companion and friend. I loved my little “hippo head”….my darling baby boy!

Harley loved to lay on the top part of the back of the couch and look out the window. Every day I came home he would be laying up there with his paws crossed waiting for me. As soon as my car pulled into the drive, the head popped up, tail started to wag and he would smile his silly, tongue on one side smile. This routine had me looking forward to going home every night.

The decision to put him down was very hard, but my mom and I stayed with him until the end. My baby boy was tired and didn’t struggle. He just took one breath and went peacefully. The house seems so painfully empty.

Thank you Harley D for being such a wonderful part of my life. For 12 years I never felt alone because I always had you. Remember baby boy, your mamma loves you…oodles and oodles and bunches and bunches.


"WALLY BUGGER" (06-04-03 - 07-28-08)

September 24th, 2005 was a warm, New England fall day……A day a dog named Wally would start a new life.

When Michael and I arrived at the adoption location to pick up our Wally, we walked to the back of the room, and there in a tiny cage sitting quietly was this pathetic, hairless, sickly shar-pei named Wally. My heart broke for Wally. Michael and I completed the necessary paperwork and got Wally out of there as soon as possible. We gave Wally water, fed him, and got him settled in the car for the journey back to our house in CT.


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This is me, Tuffy. Mom bought me from a breeder in South Carolina, and brought me home as I was only 8 weeks old. For the longest they would call me Puppy and I started listening to it. Marcel, who was my buddy, finally named me "Tuffy". He thought I was strong and had my own mind - yes I did. They couldn't keep me from climbing stairs, not even the gate was helpful. I also found out that dirty underwear and socks are a great things to play with, and after I learned to turn that hamper over, there was no stopping.


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My name is Mocha, and I must share my story to help all the doggies out there, who may need my help.

My life started as good as any. I had my mom and brothers and sisters. I thought I had a good life. I lived over 7 years. Until about 2 weeks ago. I suddenly found myself in a kind of jail. I was in a cell with 2 big dogs and they were eating most of my food. I cried for my people. Where are you? I just wanted to go home.


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Chatizier was left by a neigbor, I was taking care of her and her male companion. The neighbor returned from Louisanna and retrived the male and left Chatizier behind in the apartment. She was my girlfriend and the most lovable friend anybody could ever have. After having her approximatley 1 1/2 years she developed Cancer. My life was changed when she came into it, and will never be the same since she has gone. I miss my girlfriend terribly.


"LUCKY LOPEZ" (1996 - 2008)

Born on July 28, 1996, Lucky was the son of Rocky (Father) and Bluebell (Mother). He came from a long line of pedigree dogs, dating back to his Great Grand Parents. On October 16, 1996 Lucky was adopted into the Lopez family. Immediately, he made himself at home, becoming specially fond of Elizabeth (Owner).

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Lucky Lopez  

"MR. ED" (1993 - 2006)

Mr. Ed, or Fast Eddie was a delight to live with for 13 years. He made my wife and our kids' life wonderful each day. He was a pound pup and rescued.

Together he completed our life as a true friend, and sweet disposition. It has been two years and I miss him still. He was my bestest friend in the world. Here he was with our new babe, Georgia.

Mr Ed  

"MAXX" (1994 - 2008)

Hello, I happened to stumble upon your site tonight. I was happy but very sad for we just lost our sweet boy of almost 14 years last week.

In our first year of marriage we got Maxx. Our intention was to get a real barker as we had recently had one of our vehicles vandalized. Turns out Maxx snored louder then my husband! He loved our boys like they were his own puppies. At night he would follow me to their rooms and snore on the floor while I fed and changed them or tended to various illnesses. Every morning, he would wait outside their doors so he could be the first to greet them when we walked in. The bond he shared with our boys was so amazing.


We love you, Maxx, and miss you terribly... Jamie

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On Oct. 4th 2008 we lost our beloved Pei Boy Wrinkles Pugh Audet AKA Igy Minkies, he was 3 1/2 years old and was hit by a car. He sustained too many injuries to be saved and had to be euthanized. That was the hardest thing we ever had to do. He was the most beautiful, sweetest and smartest liitle boy in a wrinkled costume. We will miss him always, but will remember him with love. Until we meet again. Your family Mom Jani, Austin, Skip, Charlene, Mindy, Steve, Joshy, and Grandma Elvia.



Becca trotted into my life in early 1996 when she was picked up on the street as a stray. Within two hours of coming to my house she had made it her home. The vet estimated her age at 3 years and she was my best companion for the next 11 years. Becca never wanted anything more than to spend time with me. Well, that and a warm place in the sun. She was a great dog, and I miss her.


"SAMMY" (2005 - 2007)

Today we lost a friend. Sammy, you captured our hearts with our first meeting. You were a beautiful, beautiful boy. Sweet Sammy, maybe now you can run and play at the Bridge like you should have been able to do here on earth. There are other friends that have gone before you - enjoy them now and one day we will come for all of you. Papa Joe and Mama Debi


(Oct 1992 - Oct 2007)

This proud lady lived to be 15 (that's 105). Born in China & brought to Florida to be a breeder dog, I became her human after the kennel decided her pups where not good enough to be show quality. There were some issues adjusting to a family life after being stuck in a kennel for her 1st 3 years of life, but we made up for lost time. She traveled and lived in Florida, Wisconsin & Texas before coming home to Florida.

She always greeted me with the happiest barks. Rosie. I miss you & know you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

"BIZKIT" (12-8-99 - 7-3-07)

This is a pic of my baby girl Bizkit. She got very sick and we put her to sleep in July. We were with her the whole way and it was as nice of an experience as could be expected under the circumstances. I know she is much happier free of the body that was just giving out on her. We had her for seven beautiful years and I want to adopt again, I'm just hesitant because I feel like I might compare the new dog to Bizkit...

I need to just get over it and get a new girl, because I miss coming home and being greeted with all that love - nothing like it in the world.

(12-19-1996 to 6-20-2007)

Jefferson, our first Shar Pei love, we will never forget you. We still miss you every day and cry for you often. You introduced us to the intelligence, loyalty, wit and love of your breed, and we so hope pets will be in heaven with us. We love looking at pictures of you hiking with us on the Pacific Crest Trail, enthroned in the softest spot in the house, and patrolling our yard. Your brother Kona misses you too -- we reminisce about watching the two of you tear around the yard in LBM (low butt mode).

Your collar hangs in a place of honor. It still smells like you and has your beautiful cream hairs all over it. We did everything we could to heal you, and we will love you always.

(October 2000-March 2007)

My little "pumpkin" Shirley, how grieved I am that you are no longer with me. I am honored that I had the privilege of taking care for you after I rescued you and your sister. I am sorry that I could not rescue you from the cancer that took your life too early. I will always remember how you looked out the window for me each night waiting for me to come home and when I finally did how your whole body shaked with happiness and excitment to see me. You loved to chase salamanders and your tennis ball, be my navigator in the car when we took our rides, and sleep on our bed each night on your comforter. Your sister and I miss you very much. I think about you everyday my sweetie. I appreciate the comforting sign that you and God sent to me from Heaven to let me know that you are okay.

I know that one day you will meet me on the "Rainbow Bridge" along with your sisters, past, present, and future.

But always know that you have a special place in my heart will always be my precious little "pumpkin."

"LUCY" (1998 - 2007)

Lucy, my little girl, my baby, my angel. We had many happy days together, but it ever won't be enough. You died 09.28.07 of cancer. You were 9 years old. I can't stop crying. I will miss you very much and will never forget you . I love you, your mom.



Ziggy was my bestest boy, and I love him dearly. It hurts to be without him, especially since his precious little life was cut so short. But I will never forget him and how he used to do his special little dance around our bedroom and chase his pei sisters around the house. He loved going for walks and curling up on the couch with me at night. We'd sit together for hours, while I petted his soft head and he slept snugly in my arms.

I miss those times with him, and I hope someday there's a cure so no more pei's lose their lives to this horrible disease.

Mr. Zigs

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(March 1995-April 2006)

Tempera, aka- MooMoo, born 3-1-95 and died 4-5-06, she was 11 yrs old. She died of kidney failure. Some say their dog is their best friend, but when I say she was my best friend, she truly was. Whenever I was sick, sad, or lonely she knew it, she would be right there at my side licking me in the face as if she was saying it would be alright mom and that I miss the most.

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(Aug 2002-Nov 2004)

Max was my first Shar-Pei who died at 27 months old of cancer. Max, mom and dad still miss and love you very much. Your picture still sits on our desks at work so we can remember the joy you brought into our lives. Losing you was so hard and I still cry over losing you.

In your memory your dad and I decided to dedicate our lives to saving as many Shar-Pei as we can for the one we loved and lost. We needed something good to come out of losing you at such a young age. In your memory many dogs have been given a chance for a great life like the one you should have had. One day I hope to be with you again.

In loving memory of MAX, Amy



I miss my best friend Leahy who died on March 29, 2006 of cancer.

She meant the world to me and there is not a day that goes by I don't think of her. I know god is taking care of her now.


(Aug 1998-May 2007)

Sophie Helen was my beautiful Shar Pei who lost her battle with cancer this past May. She also lost her sight in 2003 but you'd never know it. She was such a trooper.

She gave EVERYONE kisses and lots of love. I especially miss her greetings when I'd walk through the door and when she would curl up next to me in bed. I miss your shmushy face!

I love you Sophie!

Sophie Helen  


We first got our Sharpei (FRED) from a close friend that said he needed a home. We decided to keep him and he was the most wonderful dog and we just loved him.

He lived until he was 7 then died unexpectedly. It was the saddest day of our lives and we miss him dearly.

We miss you Fred!!!


(July 1998-December 2005)

"Happy Birthday Little Girl" I still remember the night Alex brought you home. You looked just like a Tootsie Roll, all dark & wrinkly. You became such a part of our lives and loved to ride in the car and especially the boat. Sharpeis are not supposed to like water but you would jump right on the sandbar & chase the seagulls non-stop.

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(a.k.a. "MOMMA DOG")

On May 13, 2007, Brandy and Jan were in a car accident in Savannah, GA. Unfortunately, my baby girl, Brandy did not survive the circumstances surrounding the accident. We did our best to hope for a happy outcome for Brandy and I vowed to keep her safe and cared for until Jan had recovered and was able to take her home. That was not to be. I'm not sure why Brandy's life had to end so soon. I keep asking myself that question. Why would God put such a spectacular creature here on earth for such a short period of time? Why was her short life so tragic and difficult? Her suffering was unnecessary. Yet, it never changed her personality. She was happy and goofy and delightful. Full of life and anxious to explore all it had to offer.

She was appreciative and clever and loving. She gave me hope for a better world.


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