Name : Cooper
Sex : Male
Approximate Age : 1 year 7 months
Purebred or Mix : Purebreed
Color : Black
Coat Type : Brush
Adoption Donation Requested : TBD
Foster Location : Gainesville, Fl
Approximate Size/Weight : 41 lbs.
Dog Friendly : Yes
Cat Friendly : TBD
Small Child Friendly : TBD
Energy Level : moderately active….loves to play

Cooper is up to date on all of his shots, neutered, heartworm negative and has a beautiful coat. He will need to have entropion surgery before he can be adopted.

About this Pei :
Cooper is a joy to be around. He is a little hesitant with strangers but adapts quickly. He loves to run and play and will do so until he is just too tired to go anymore! Cooper is a good eater, enjoys having treats and responds to sit, down, give paw. His tail is beautifully curled over his body and he is a handsome boy. I believe that Cooper will bond to a new owner(s) quickly and be a wonderful companion.