JEWEL (a.k.a. JUJU) (F)

jewel10Name: Jewel
Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 18 months
Purebred or Mix: Purebred
Color: Silver Sable
Coat Type: Horsecoat
Adoption Donation Requested: $TBD
Foster Location: BushnellJacksonville, FL
Size/Weight: 35lbs
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
OK with Small Children: TBD
Energy Level: Moderately Active


Jewel has successfully completed house dog 101. She steals my socks, whines at the back door to go out, and sits near the cookie jar. Her personality could not be sillier or more pleasant. She is soooo happy! Of course I’m always poking and prodding and cleaning her up, trying to get her skin an coat in good shape. Her foster uncle has shown her how comfy dog beds are and how relaxing it is to lie around chewing a hoofie or toy. JuJu still has a very long way to go though, with some pretty serious physical disabilities. She will see the orthopedic specialist on Tuesday, and we trust his opinion and of course his work! This girl deserves whatever surgery might be needed to help her go on to a pain free life, and donations are deeply appreciated! One day this girl is going to have her very own forever home where she’ll never worry about being starved or neglected ever again. For now, she’s doing a pretty good job learning how to be spoiled by her FSPR family.

Hi, everybody! I’m Jewel, that’s a new name for me to go with my new lease on life. I am a very sweet girl but have had a hard life prior to coming into rescue. Me, my baby sister “Dora” and our mom “Lexy”, were dropped off at doggy jail. We had another sister but they say she crossed over the rainbow bridge before she could be rescued. That makes me really sad.

I am very skinny and have some problems with my back legs that make them not work right. I do get around but it’s not easy for me so the FSPR people who saved me say they know this really nice doctor man who likes to help dogs who have problems with their legs like I do.

I am staying with a really nice temporary foster family right now and one of my pei sisters here might be my real sister, she is older than me but she came to FSPR from the same place that I did and she had bad back legs then too, but the nice doctor fixed her so I guess he can fix me. I hope so.

I am going to be on medical hold for quite a while, I think, but it will be well worth it when I am finally healthy and able to play just like all the other dogs I’ve met here. I can’t wait to find a forever home. Maybe that can be with you? Check back on me often to see my progress. My temporary foster mom says I’m a diamond in the “ruff” that just needs to be polished till I shine. Love, Jewel

guardianangels3Jewel & Lexi send Pei kisses to their
Foster Families & “Guardian Angels”:

(Pat B), (Scott M), (Dawn A), (Lucille R) (Eva P), (Ann G), (Oleg I), (Lori D), (Mary P), (Stephen W), (Lesley D), (Jeannie C), (Geri R)