Name :  Lizzie                                                                                                  Lizzie 4-
Sex :  Female
Approximate Age :  3 yrs 
Purebred or Mix :  Mix
Color :  Fawn 
Coat Type :  Brush/Bear
Adoption Donation Requested :  $100
Foster Location:  Orlando, FL 
Approximate Size/Weight :  30 lbs 
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :    TBD
Small Child Friendly :    Yes
Energy Level :    Moderately active 

NOTES :    
UTD on shots, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

About this Pei : 

Lizzie has come back to FSPR after having been adopted and then moved to the home of a relative of her adoptive family.  Lizzie, unfortunately, spent a lot of time tied outside at this relative’s home and eventually ended up back in doggie jail.  Thank goodness the shelter staff contacted FSPR through Lizzie’s microchip registration so her former foster mom could rescue her, again.

Lizzie is a very sweet, small girl and makes an awesome family pet, although she is a little nervous around people carrying anything that resembles a stick.  She was traumatized previously when the children in her home chased her with sticks.  She does love to cuddle with her foster mom and likes playing with stuffy toys, too.

Lizzie is looking, again, for her true forever home.  This little girl has been through a lot in her short 3 years of life.  She was originally rescued by FSPR after having a litter of 5 pups, all of which crossed the rainbow bridge in the first days of their lives, when Lizzie was only a pup herself at approximately 1 year old.  If you have room for Lizzie in your heart and home, please complete an adoption application, today!

Lizzie 3-  Lizzie 2-