Name :  Maa-Goo                                                                                                 Maa-Goo 1
Sex :  Female
Approximate Age :  4 yrs 
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :  Apricot 
Coat Type :  Horse
Adoption Donation Requested :  $350
Foster Location:  Hilliard, FL
Approximate Size/Weight :  36 lbs 
Dog Friendly :    Very dog friendly
Cat Friendly :    Curious about cats
Small Child Friendly :    Good with children
Energy Level :    High…Loves to play with toys.  Fetches and returns (doesn’t necessarily give you the toy!)

NOTES :    
UTD on shots, microchipped, spayed.  Medication has cleared eye ulcer so no surgery required.  Slightly heartworm positive so is receiving monthly Heartguard treatment.

About this Pei :   Maa-Goo is an absolute love.  She is friendly, smart, loves to play and run outside.  She loves to ride in the car.  Knows what “no” means, sits on command, and loves to sleep in the humans’ bed.  She is an adorable pet and will make an awesome addition to any family.  Having a fenced yard would be great for her.  She has escaped the fenced yard at her foster home but immediately comes when called.  This girl loves attention.

Maa-Goo came to rescue via Panama City where a very concerned vet did all that she could to help make sure she got to a place where people would take care of her and find her the loving home she deserves.  Maa-Goo’s eyes were in pretty bad shape when she arrived, we weren’t sure how much vision she had so we immediately made arrangements for her to be seen by an opthamologist who prescribed some drops and ointment for her eyes to start while awaiting a surgery date.  To Maa-Goo’s foster parents’ surprise, after dropping her off on the day of surgery, they had only gotten back on the road toward home when they received a call telling them to come back and get her because she didn’t need surgery at all after having had the medications that had been prescribed.  The drops and ointment had healed her ulcerated eyes and restored her vision.  This pretty girl can see again and has now been spayed so is eagerly awaiting her new forever home.

If you would like to add Maa-Goo to your family, please complete an adoption application today!

Maa-Goo 4 Maa-Goo 2