Name :  Marvin
FSPR Arrival Date :  2/2/18
Sex :  Male                                                                     Marvin
Approximate Age :  3 years
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :  Red sable
Coat Type :  Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :  TBD
Foster Location :  Orlando, Fl
Approximate Size/Weight :  23 lbs.
Dog Friendly :    TBD
Cat Friendly :    TBD
Small Child Friendly :    TBD
Energy Level :    TBD
Marvin is in need of a lot of vet care and TLC so is on medical hold.  He needs to be neutered, microchipped, and, likely will need entropion surgery.  None of these medical procedures can be addressed until Marvin’s overall health improves.  He is heartworm negative.
About this Pei :
FSPR was contacted by shelter staff when the stray hold for Marvin expired and, in response, a FSPR volunteer rushed to Marvin’s rescue.  This boy was turned into the shelter as a stray by a family who had found him 5 days prior.  The family wanted to keep him but during the 5 days he was with them they had difficulty getting him to eat and he began vomiting.  The family was unsure how to help him so took him to the shelter.  Because he is so underweight the shelter staff nicknamed him Starvin’ Marvin.
The shelter vet examined and treated Marvin with IV fluids and antinausea medications, as well as, i/d dog food.  Marvin seemed to improve and was released to FSPR with medications to be continued.  Upon getting Marvin, the FSPR volunteer was concerned and fearful if Marvin would survive the night so he was taken to an emergency vet where he received IV fluids for severe dehydration.
At this time, we are taking it day-by-day with Marvin and will update information as often as possible.  He will be on medical hold until all issues are resolved.
Donations are being accepted to help cover the costs of his medical care and can be made by clicking on the donate button on our website or Facebook page.
Marvin 3 Marvin 2