Name: Niko7_Niko
Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 2 years
Purebred: Purebred
Color:  Tan
Coat Type: Horse
Adoption Donation Requested: $400
Foster Location: Gulf Breeze, FL (Panhandle)
Approximate weight: 30 lbs
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Small Children Friendly: Yes
Energy Level: Extremely active, playful
Notes: Niko is UTD on vaccines, wormed, heartworm negative and neutered. He does have a crooked tail that appears to have been broken at one point but it does not appear to cause him any pain at this point.
About this Pei: 
Niko is an extremely sweet, energetic and playful pup. He’s hard to get a close-up photo in focus because he always wants to curl up to me and give kisses. He is such a sweetie though. He is extremely playful with our other shar peis. They are a bit older and seem to tolerate him trying to play with them by jumping on them and pulling at their toys. But it has exclusively been just to play. There has been absolutely no aggression with our dogs, our small kids or our cat. He partially understands how to sit on command; however, he needs a lot of work with leash training. I can tell that he might not have come from the best home because whenever I shout in a loud voice to stop jumping on our older dog, he immediately cowers and lays down on the floor. He loves to jump on our bed and furniture, which is something we are working on eliminating. He enjoys running around in our backyard and doesn’t excessively bark or chew up random things… which is always a plus. He immediately knew how to enter and exit our doggy door.
After two baths on his first night with us, he looks and smells like a completely different pup. His coat is actually very soft and pretty perfect considering the problems that usually come with shar peis that haven’t been fed appropriate food. He is underweight at the moment, but we are confident that in a few weeks, we will get some weight on him. As of right now he’s sleeping in a crate at night, until he can prove to us that he can sleep on our bedroom floor. But as of this moment, he thinks he belongs on the bed… so this might take some work. We honestly think he would be great in a home with kids that want to play with him, someone that plans on exercising this boy and someone that will show him endless love. He would also be great with other dogs, specifically younger ones that would run around with him and play. He is such an incredibly sweet dog with an unbelievable kind demeanor. He just needs to be shown love for the first time ever.
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