Name : Quan
Sex : Male
Approximate Age : 7 months
Purebred or Mix : Purebreed
Color : BlaFawnck
Coat Type : Brush
Adoption Donation Requested : TBD
Foster Location : Gainesville, FL
Approximate Size/Weight : 45
Dog Friendly : Yes
Cat Friendly : TBD
Small Child Friendly : Yes
Energy Level : Very active

Quan is new to rescue and will need to clear his medical needs: he will need to be neutered and will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks!

About this Pei :
Quan is an incredibly handsome shar-pei pup and FULL of energy. He will need a home with patient owners to reinforce good habits. He hasn’t a mean bone in his silly body and he loves to run full-speed(sometimes in circles!) and roll around in the grass. He has two speeds: full-out and sleeping with moments spent eating. He is a joy to be around and if you need a laugh or two, he will gladly supply them.

We have had some very handsome dogs in rescue and Quan belongs in that group. If you have children that are very small, he will no doubt treat them as siblings!!

Spending time with this young boy will be time well spent!!!