roxy5Name: Roxy
Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 6 Years
Purebred or Mix: Purebred
Color: Apricot
Coat Type: Brushcoat
Adoption Donation Requested: $350

Foster Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
Size/Weight: 51lbs
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
OK with Small Children: Yes
Energy Level: Low at this time

Additional Comments: Roxy is a new arrival and will be ready following medical review and clearance.

We received Roxy as a pair (with Ella). It’s still unknown if they are related; however, they behave remarkably together. Roxy is such an adorable shar pei. It only took her about 5 minutes to get rid of her shyness and warm up to us. Her beautiful apricot color glistens in the sun. Once all of her hair comes back (after a proper diet) – she will be one gorgeous pup. After two very thorough baths, she looks and smells like a different dog. We were told that she and Ella were left outside for weeks at a home that had been foreclosed on. Thank goodness good people found them and took them to the shelter. You would never know that humans treated her unkind because she is the sweetest dog and loves affection.

She is extremely friendly with our young son. And has ignored our cat so far. Since the weather has been great outside, she and Ella have been chilling each day on our deck in the shade. They initially slept in a large crate together, until (like always) we let them join us in our bedroom 🙂 She loves to rest (could be the meds she’s on right now though) but also likes to know where everyone in the house is at all times.

There have been no accidents in the house and no chewing on our furniture or toys. She even caught on to the doggy-door real quick. They have not tried to dig under our fence or are bothered by our neighbors dog that barks. I really think this is the first time she has ever been treated like family – which she truly deserves. I believe she would do great in a home with children or other animals. She doesn’t even seem concerned that we have two other dogs in the home. She just chills and does her own thing. But definitely wants to be a part of the family. She is more dominate than Ella, pushing her way to the food bowl first. But there wasn’t even a growl when we introduced her to our dogs. Overall, she is an amazing and beautiful pei!