Name :   Ruger                                                        ruger-d                             
Sex :   Male     
Approximate Age :   3 years
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :   Red fawn
Coat Type :   Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :   $400
Foster Location :   Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl
Approximate Size/Weight :   65 lbs
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :     Yes
Small Child Friendly :    Yes
Energy Level :    laid back couch potatoNOTES :
Ruger is on medical hold for eye surgery.  His sight is compromised but the eye doctor has high hopes for a good outcome following surgery.  His eyes have are already showing improvement with drops 4 X day.  His skin is in very poor condition and he is underweight.   He is on medication and medicated baths for his skin. His skin is getting better and his coat is coming in nicely with good food and the medication.  Ruger is up to date on all vaccines, microchipped, neutered, and is heartworm negative.About this Pei :
Ruger is a very laid back, calm fellow.  He has excellent house manners.  No accidents in the house at all.  He does not chew or get in the trash.  Ruger does not steal food from counters or table tops.  He is not a barker. Ruger’s foster mom said, “This is the easiest dog I have ever had for eye drops.  He stands quietly and just lets me put the drops in his eyes.”  Such a good boy.  Ruger does not appear to know basic commands, but he walks nicely on a leash.  Ruger loves his walks.  He gets very excited when he sees preschoolers at the park.  It is suspected that his former family had small children.  Ruger is presently living with three other Pei in his foster home.  He has demonstrated no food or toy aggression at all.  He plays well with the other Pei and even likes the neighbor’s cat.  This is a very loving guy who wants very much to bond with his humans.  He clearly loves attention and hangs out close to his foster parents in the house.  Ruger is a big boy at 65 pounds and counting.  He will top out at around 75-80 lbs at a good weight.  Ruger needs to be big because his heart is much too large, full of love, for a small-frame dog. 🙂  His new family will have to commit to feeding only premium grain-free food, and he may need eye drops and/or ointment long-term due to the damage from longtime entropion.  This boy was surrendered to a very good no-kill shelter due to his family being financially compromised and no longer able to provide for him.  He is not believed to have been abused or neglected.  His family seemed to have truly loved him, just simply became unable to care for him.
If you are interested in bringing Ruger into your family, please complete an adoption application now!  He will be ready for his forever home before you know it.