Name :  Wrinkles                                                                                     
Sex :   Male                                                                                                   Wrinkles 1
Approximate Age :  6 years
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :  Apricot
Coat Type :   Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :   $250
Foster Location :   Bushnell, FL
Approximate Size/Weight :   48 lbs.
Dog Friendly :  Yes
Cat Friendly :   TBD
Small Child Friendly :   Yes
Energy Level :    Calm, easy-going
NOTES :  UTD on shots, neutered, and microchipped.  Wrinkles does have entropion in both eyes and poor vision in the right eye.  He is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment.  He also has ear infections that are being treated.  He will be on medical hold until assessment by opthamologist and entropion repair.
About this Pei :  Wrinkles was not very active when he came into rescue, but after being with his foster family, he has come out of his shell. He is playful, loves to give kisses, and has a great personality. We know when he is hungry because he picks up his empty food bowl, and carries it around.
He loves to play with his foster sisters. Despite his broken teeth, he loves to chew on bones, toys, and the occasional sock! He is housebroken and loves to go for walks outside.
This sweet boy came into rescue by way of a shelter near Atlanta, GA.  He was quite ill initially with upper respiratory infection, skin infection, open wounds on his ears from reported deer fly bites, broken/worn down and missing teeth, whip worms and, of course, heartworms.  He was treated with antibiotics for the respiratory and skin infections.  He is still receiving treatment to his ears to complete the healing of the wounds he had there.  He was treated for the whip worms and is now free of those.  The vet has assessed his teeth and states there is no apparent infection there.  Although, he has some broken, some worn down, and some missing there doesn’t seem to be any adverse health problem as result of his poor dental status.  Overall, Wrinkles is fairly healthy considering the condition he was in when he first arrived in rescue.  His personality is blossoming as he is recovering from all of the health issues he has had.  He is a really great dog and will make a wonderful pet for someone very soon.

If you think Wrinkles would be a great fit for your home, please complete an adoption application.

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