Name :  Yuma                                                                                  yuma-1-1
Sex :  Female
Approximate Age :  8-10 months 
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :  brown 
Coat Type :  Horse
Adoption Donation Requested :  $400.00 
Foster Location :  St. Petersburg, Fl. 
Approximate Size/Weight :  37lb 
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :    TBD
Small Child Friendly :    TBD
Energy Level :    puppy energy 

NOTES :    
Yuma is on medical hold. She needs other vaccines, but does have her rabies. She is microchipped and spayed.

Yuma is a classic  traditional SharPei. Very proud happy girl. She was left by her family, at a shelter. She had a difficult time there. She came in with a companion and they separated them. She was terrified.
She is doing great now. She will be ready soon.

About this Pei : 
Hi, my name is Yuma.  I came to a very scary place with my family.  I was ok until they said I had to stay but they left. They took my best doggy friend away and put me in jail.  I was so scared, I just kept yelling at the people to let me go home. Nobody would listen.  I wouldn’t eat, but that didn’t seem to matter.
Then some people came to save me.  I had to ride forever.  I was not happy.  I just wanted to go home.
Now I’m with my foster family. I yelled at them, too, at first, but I did eat all the good food they gave me.  After awhile, I figured out that they are so nice so I stopped yelling at them.  My foster dad is so patient and good to me.  I like to lick his and mom’s fingers.  I feel safe here.  I like my foster friends, too.
I would like to go to my forever home, when the doctor says I’m ready.  If you like me, ask if you can get me.  I’m a really nice little girl.