Beau (M)

imageName: Beau
Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 8-10 months
Purebred or Mix: Mix
Color: Fawn
Coat Type: TBD
Adoption Donation Requested: $150
Foster Location: Gainesville, FL
Size/Weight: 47lbs
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
OK with Small Children: Yes
Energy Level: Laid Back

Beau is a recent arrival that is 8-10 months old with a fawn coat. Beau is a very sweet dog who has been terribly neglected. He is underweight and has no fur at all. He is being treated for demodectic mange and other skin issues. Beau needs lots of help to get better. If you can help with his medical costs please make a donation in his name.

guardianangels3Beau sends Sloppy Pei Kisses to his Foster Family & “Guardian Angels”
(For my sick pei friends! Love Simba Buntin)
(Dianne G), (Candace L), (Sheila Mari Design) (Geri R), (Ladonna S)

If you want to be considered to adopt Beau, fill out an application at here.

Before picture
Before picture
Beau- Now
Beau- Now