Name :   Fushi
Sex :   Malefushi 6
Approximate Age :   2-3
Purebred or Mix :  Purebreed
Color :   Black Bear Coat
Coat Type :
Adoption Donation Requested :   TBD
Foster Location :   Palm Harbor Royal Pets Market & Resort
Approximate Size/Weight :   35lbs
Dog Friendly :    TBD
Cat Friendly :     TBD
Small Child Friendly :    TBD
Energy Level :    Laid Back, gentle

Fushi is UTD on vaccines but is still intact. He need entropion surgery and neuter. His surgery is planned for Friday 8/26.

About this Pei :
Hi, Fushi here!
Boy, I was feeling awful before FSPR took me in. Infection in my eyes and on my butt! My foster mom put me on real good food and solid gold seameal and I am getting a medicated bath every 2 or 3 days. I feel soooooooo much better.
When I got here my coat was shaved in a lion cut so my foster mom named me fu (good fortune) shi (lion like the guardian lions) So I love the name Fushi!

My eyes are a mess but all the medicine and love are making me feel better. Please keep checking in on me. I am told every day that I am looking better and better. My foster mom said I am going to be so handsome-whatever that is!

Fushi is doing great. He skin is healing very quickly and I am very pleased about that. We will need to wait for the swelling and infection in his eyes to clear before the surgery. That may be a few weeks. He seems sweet and was terrified when he came to me. He pawed at the door at first but has settled down and I think he feels safe.
Fushi is staying at Royal Pets Market & Resort in Palm Harbor. You are welcome to visit him but he will need to have his surgeries before going to his furever home.

Fushi has an angel watching over him! She sent him a beautiful blanket and toy! Funny thing is, he loves his blankets! He said Thank You Robin!!!!!

This is Fushi upon arrival

This is Fushi one week later