Name : Blue 

FSPR Arrival Date:  12/4/18                                                                    Blue 4                                     
Sex : Male
Approximate Age : 6 years 
Purebred or Mix : Purebred
Color : Blue 
Coat Type : Brush
Adoption Donation Requested : $300
Foster Location : Woodstock, GA 
Approximate Size/Weight : 
Dog Friendly : Yes
Cat Friendly : TBD
Small Child Friendly : TBD
Energy Level :  laid back, calm, relaxed 

Will be on medical hold due to need for eye exam and possible entropion surgery.  He is also being treated for a skin infection and ear infection.  Blue is heartworm negative, vaccines up to date, and he is neutered.

About this Pei : 

Blue came into rescue due to death of his owner and remaining family unable to provide for his care.  He was kenneled at his vet’s office after owner’s death until he was rescued and moved to a foster home.   Initially, he had a hard time adjusting to his foster home and kept to himself interacting minimally with his foster mom.  “… he would slink around with his tail down.”  He has since come around and his foster mom has this to say about him… “This dog is now happy. He is allowing me to pet him and hug him. He is giving kisses.”

Blue was underweight upon arrival at his foster home but is eating well and gaining weight appropriately.  “Once we take care of his eye, ear and skin infections and put some more weight on this guy he will be a different dog.  He is a great little guy.”

Blue nap

Blue nap pillow