Name :   Buddha                                                                                Buddha elf

FSPR Arrival Date:   12/3/18

Sex :   Male

Approximate Age :   2 years old

Purebred or Mix : Purebred

Color :   Chocolate

Coat Type :   Brush

Adoption Donation Requested :   $350

Foster Location :   Orlando area

Approximate Size/Weight :   37 lbs

Dog Friendly :   Yes

Cat Friendly :     Curious, unknown if would be aggressive

Small Child Friendly :   TBD

Energy Level :   Active



Buddha is on medical hold waiting for an eye exam.  He is current on all vaccines, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.


About this Pei :

Buddha is a very sweet, playful, loving puppy. He enjoys being with his 4 legged foster brother and sister. He plays well with them, but doesn’t care for the feline member of the family. Buddha was not use to treats, but has learned to like them since being part of the family. He has been well cared for and socialized with humans. He is a bundle of energy and likes to play fetch or chase with his foster brother. He is very well mannered and is following simple commands. He sleeps next to my elderly mother’s bed, his choice from the first night with our family, so he could learn to be protective as well.

Buddha kisses

Buddha play

Buddha wink