Name : Honey
Sex : Female
Approximate Age : 18 months
Purebred or Mix : Purebreed
Color : Cream Dhoney2ilute
Coat Type : Horse Coat
Adoption Donation Requested : $400.00
Foster Location : St. Petersburg Fl.
Approximate Size/Weight : 35 lbs
Dog Friendly : Yes
Cat Friendly : TBD
Small Child Friendly : TBD
Energy Level : moderately active

Honey will be spayed , after her heartworm treatment is completed.
Honey is UTD on shots, wormed and microchipped. She is undergoing heartworm treatment. Medical hold.

About this Pei :
My name is Honey.
My family drove off one day, and left me alone, in the back yard. I kept crying and barking for them to come home. It was so hot out, and I was very scared. They forgot to leave me any food or water. I’m just a puppy. I needed to be fed and given some water. My next door neighbor lady brought me some food and fresh water. Some days I ate weeds and dirt, I was so hungry and afraid. Our house started falling down. There was so many garbage bags and trash. I went through that too, looking for food, but the mice and rats got it first.
It rained and then it got really cold. I tried my best to stay warm. It was too hard.
Then one day, two great guys came and saved me. They took me to the doctor man. He listened to my heart, took some blood, checked my ears and eyes. He said I had worms in my heart, and hookworms , in my poopie. So now I’m being treated for that. I was very scared when I got to my new foster home. I got a bath, and boy do I feel good. I got pictures taken, so I decided to pose. Aren’t I pretty?
Now, I love my dads and my foster dog pals. I have these thing called toys to play with. It’s really wonderful.
Since this home is temporary, I am looking for my forever home. I will love you so much. I’m a good girl too. So please come and get me soon.
Love, Honey
Honey is on medical hold until she completes her heartworm treatment, and is spayed.