Name : Rocky                                  Rocky 1
Sex : Male
Approximate Age : 7 yrs
Purebred or Mix : Purebred
Color : Brown/White Flower
Coat Type : Brush
Adoption Donation Requested : $300
Foster Location : Sunrise, FL
Approximate Size/Weight : 50 – 60 lbs
Dog Friendly : Yes
Cat Friendly : TBD
Small Child Friendly : TBD
Energy Level : Relaxed

Rocky is up to date on shots, is heartworm negative, and is already neutered.  He does have eye and ear infections so will need medical treatment for these before being cleared for adoption.  Rocky will also need to see an eye specialist to determine how much vision damage has occurred.

About this Pei :
Hi, everyone.  My name is Rocky and I am a flowered shar pei.  I was dumped by my owner in a doggy jail place at the end of March.  I thought I had a get out of jail free card when one rescue group put a hold on me and said they were coming to pick me up.  The next thing I knew they backed out because they thought I was mean.  I was so sad and scared, but I was never mean at all.  I am, usually, a very happy guy even though my health is not very good right now.  I am out of doggy jail now thanks to another rescue, the awesome Florida Shar Pei Rescue, and I have the bestest foster mom a guy could ask for.  She took me to the vet the day after she picked me up from doggy jail and the vet doctor said I have some problems that I am going to need help with.  I have infections in both of my eyes and both of my ears.  I need to see an eye specialist as soon as I recover from the infections because I can’t see very good. I also have something called demodectic mange.  I don’t really know what that is but it makes me itchy and some of my fur has come out from it.  I have now been in my foster home for a few days and I am making myself right at home.  I am really enjoying getting love and the medicines I need to feel better.  My pei foster sisters and brother are nice to me and my foster parents give me hugs and kisses all the time.  I am such a lucky guy to have been rescued by the great people at FSPR.  I know they will do everything they can to help me get healthy so I can, one day, find a real forever home of my very own.

If you want me to come live with you, fill out an adoption application today!   If you aren’t looking to adopt but want to help with my medical care, please be my Guardian Angel and make a tax deductible donation.

Love, Rocky

Rocky 3

Rocky 4
Rocky 5