Name :  Katie                                       katie1
Sex :  Female
Approximate Age :  1 year old 
Purebred or Mix :  Purebred
Color :  Cream 
Coat Type :  Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :  $450
Foster Location :  Longwood, FL 
Approximate Size/Weight : 30lbs 
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :    TBD
Small Child Friendly :    Yes
Energy Level :    Puppy Energy to Moderately Active 

NOTES :    
UTD on shots, Spayed, Micro-chip, Will be on medical hold for entropion evaluation/surgery.

About this Pei : 
Hi I’m Katie.  I am a sweet cute mini Shar-Pei all the way from Tennessee.  I recently had puppies and my owner had to give me up because they moved into an apartment, which didn’t allow dogs.  Thanks to the Florida Shar-Pei Rescue volunteers for bringing me to Florida.  I love my new foster family, but can’t wait to have a forever family of my very own.  My foster family has 3 children (9, 11, 13 year olds) whom I enjoy playing with and laying next to while they do homework.  We also love to watch a good movie and cuddle up on the couch.  They love to pet me because they say I have such a soft coat.  As for the furry Shar Pei guy they have, boy is he funny looking…just kidding.  Him and I play throughout the day.  He shares all his toys and bones with me and he is always up for a game of “catch me if you can”.  His bones are delicious, my foster mom realized how much I love to chew bones and has purchased some for me.  At night I share the bed with my foster mom and dad as well as the furry guy they call Taz.  I’m not very big so I don’t take up much room on the bed.  I also love going on long walks and smelling all the new scents.  At the present time I am still a little unsure about certain situations such as the door bell ringing, someone walking into my bedroom, and hearing noises from outside and I will react to these uncertainities with my big dog bark.  I am here waiting for you to make the best decision of your life, ME.   Love, Katie

**Katie has returned to rescue due to need for entropion surgery and will be available for adoption upon clearance from the opthamologist.

Katie with her foster brother, Taz
Katie with her foster brother, Taz