lucy 4Name :   Lucy
Sex :   Female
Approximate Age :   12 to 18 months
Purebred or Mix :  Purebreed
Color :   Red/Fawn
Coat Type :   Brush
Adoption Donation Requested :   $450.00
Foster Location :   St. Petersburg Fl.
Approximate Size/Weight :   42lbs
Dog Friendly :    Yes
Cat Friendly :     Yes
Small Child Friendly :    Yes
Energy Level :    puppy energy

Lucy is UTD  on vaccines, spayed, microchipped and Heartworm positive. She has completed her heartworm treatment, and is doing very well.She is loving, and playful. A super family member.

About this Pei :
My name is Little Lucy. I found myself all alone on the streets of St. Cloud, then I got sent to jail. I tried to tell the people I was sure I could find my family again, but they said “no”. So I had to stay with them.I was so scared. Other dogs were crying and so did I. I heard them talking about being “Put Down”. I was pretty sure it didn’t mean getting teased or told I was ugly.  Other dogs were really upset about it. One day they put a sign on my cage, in big red letters. It said EUTHANASIA.  I thought it meant I was going to a new country. I was so excited til I heard the other dogs whispering bad things about me. I cried and cried, and beggedfor some help. Then my prayers answered. A very sweet lady came and got me. She hugged me . I gave her kisses. Wow, this was great. I took another ride and now I live in a country called St. Petersburg Florida. It’s so nice here. I have 2 foster dads, who I really love. I get to play with Chance and the other dogs. I get to sleep with my dad. It’s awesome.
I had worms in my heart. So I had to visit the doctorman, and get a shot in my back for two days. Dad told me that was gonna kill those nasty old worms, yuk.
Ok, so as much as I love it here, I would really love to be adopted, to my very own family. I like toys, and maybe my own pink or purple bed. I don’t mind cats, and I love dogs and people, large &small.
I’m here, waiting for you. Come and get me soon.
Love you lots,